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  1. nanook
    Posted 12 years ago #

    Is there a way to have the most recent (and only the most recent) message from a particular category show Automatically on an external web page? I'd like to be able to use such a function as a front page for each of my three car projects at car-diaries.com. (The blog, still needing a little tweeking, is now up at http://www.car-diaries.com/blogs/).
    What code would I insert? I'm really new to this and all the "blog-speak." ;-)

  2. witchy
    Posted 12 years ago #

    I did It! I don't believe it, but I actually found documentation, and figured it out! Yeah Me! I LOVE WordPress and PHP! :) You all ROCK!
    I still have tweeks to do to it, but....
    .... for other people who want to Include a Category on a Different Page....
    this is what I did... first I went over to The wiki
    and copy and pasted on a new page, Pal Gamin Dot Com's code. (Love the way he has it, all nice and neat, color coded and all, didn't make me afraid when I looked at it :)
    I saved the page with his code as wp-recent php
    I also changed the

    to cat="10";
    because that's the category I wanted to show up (look in your category section and you'll see the number of the category id on your left
    then I went over to this wiki page
    and got that code, and pasted it in my index template, just like they said. BUT
    I changed this information:
    //Set index.php to only show one category on main page
    if ('/' == $_SERVER['REQUEST_URI'] || '/home/witchy/public_html/design/team/index.php' == $_SERVER['REQUEST_URI'])
    $cat = 10;
    /* --------------- */

    I changed the address to the actual page I wanted the category to show up on, and I changed the category number to 10.
    Then I went to the page I wanted the include to show up on, and put Pal Gaming's include code
    <?php include('/home/witchy/public_html/design/awp/wp-recent.php');?>
    (changing to My actual path) on the page I wanted this category to show up on.
    Now the whole entry shows up, when I really only want an excerpt, but I'm happy. *G* I'll just have to remember to keep that particular category entry short :)
    Thanks Again to everyone that made these hacks!! (and who had the patience to post them)

  3. Anonymous
    Posted 12 years ago #

    Any idea what mod I'd need for your strategy to get just the most recent (x) messages for a category to display?
    I'm still digesting the info overload, but it looks hopeful.

  4. Beel
    Posted 12 years ago #


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