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    Hi all,

    I’m new to WordPress…I’m switch my ASP site over to a PHP server so I can use WordPress…

    I’d like to upload WordPress to

    Is it possiblem to make it look exactly like my site? Or better yet, just kind of “plug it in” to my site’s structure?

    Any advice or instructions?


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  • Is it possible to make it look exactly like your current site? Yes, but you’d have to create the WordPress theme to match it.

    Can you just plug it in? I wish! Would make converting sites a heck of a lot easier.

    If you are experienced with PHP/HTML/CSS, you can take one of WordPress’s themes that comes with it and modify it to your liking (I think what a lot of people do when first learning how to create WordPress themes), or you can hit WordPress codex and build from scratch…

    Yeah, I think I’ll grab a template and modify that…

    Next question then – if I upload it to the “blog” subfolder, how does the root folder use the themes structure?

    I guess I’m a bit confused about WordPress – is it a complete website with a blog, or just a blog?

    My goal here is to use for the main website content (to look like the blog theme), and then to have the actual blog, again with the same style/theme.

    Totally lost how this works…

    You don’t need /blog unless you really want it. WordPress can be used as a 100% CMS. Create all the pages you want to serve your content, create a custom template for your home page to have it show what you want it to show. Pull content from other pages, show excerpts of posts, have a content slider, etc…

    For your posts, create categories and add your categories to your menu. If you want to have a /blog/ category, assign all your posts to that category and /blog/ will serve it up (well, after you turn on permalinks it will =P)

    Holy crap batman – learning curve…

    Can you really tweak one of the themes to look like whatever you want?

    Yes you can, I have been creating WordPress driven websites for 4 years now, and I’ve had to convert sites from static HTML, Joomla, Drupal, or create them from scratch when I’m just sent a PSD from my art designers. I generally start with an existing theme and modify it. Helps get all the required functionality out of the way, then I just have to tweak CSS and images mostly.

    You’d think it would be as easy as adding a script line into the DIV on your site you want the blog to appear in….

    I believe tumblr can do this.

    I guess the difference is WordPress is a complete CMS that has blog functionality, and tumblr is just a blogging platform, is that correct?

    Theoretically you can just take a static HTML file and your existing CSS, and then plug in WordPress functions and make it work. But there are a lot of things to consider. Sidebar widget areas, built in menu system, ensuring the header and footer functions are called so that scripts load correctly. Templating out a page, templating out a post, templating out the list of posts, deciding to use the excerpt on a list or the full content, including featured images or not, etc… WordPress is very powerful and can be used to basically do anything you want it to do if you know how. Technically your entire template can be 2 pages… index.php and style.css and in your index page you can have conditionals to handle everything…

    if (is_home()) {
    do this
    else if (is_single()) {
    do this
    else if (is_archive()) {
    do this


    If you start off however with like TwentyEleven theme, all the functionality is built in and proper, so you don’t have to worry about forgetting a function or altering the post loop, it’s all done for you. You just then have to tweak css and stuff and cuts down production time by quite a bit.

    I have designed several sites using wordpress and believe me they are not blogs. WordPress was used as a blog but now its a full flashed CMS. check my profile to see the sites I have developed and rest assured only and only wordpress is used. It is extremely powerful yet easier than other CMS

    I guess my main issue is, do I want to take the plunge into a complete CMS system, transfer all my code to PHP, just to incorporate a blog….?

    That’s my problem – my client is happy with the current site, he just wants a blog integrated with the existing site.

    Thanks everyone for your input – I guess I have a lot to think about.

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