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  • I am new to all this PHP and mySQL Stuff. Now, I have a lot of space on a UNIX machine (Solaris 8) which is running Apache and I believe that it also has mySQL because when I type “mysql” on the UNIX prompt, it replies with the message,
    ERROR 2002: Can’t connect to local MySQL server through socket ‘/tmp/mysql.sock’ (2)”.

    I am a university student, and I have space for my webpage and stuff on the UNIX server. I have not been given any details on what is a database or how to create one, and get a username and password. I just have a UNIX prompt on mu computer, and I don’t know how to begin (how to create the database). Also, I don’t know/cant find out the cPanel stuff, and I don’t believe that we have this facility. I am fine with the command prompt. Is there a solution?

    Also, I must mention that I downloaded the WordPress files, and ran install.php (opened it with my browser), and it shows me a lot of code.

    Can anyone help me? I would greatly appreciate.


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  • My thought would be that that error doesn’t necessarily mean mySQL IS installed, more likely that it’s NOT installed, or not installed properly – though of course that’s simply a thought, not a given.

    As to “showing you a lot of code” – this can be caused by the fact that the server is not set to utilize “index.php” as a viable site-index file. You might have to consult with the uni’s sysadmin to find that out, and find out what to do about it (if anything – university servers are notorious for their limitations….)

    Well, I believe this will be a long thread 🙂 and you’ll have to work hard.
    When you say you “believe” tat you have MySQL installed, I guess this means somebody else is responsible for the server.
    Ask that someone if MySQL is installed and which version. Maybe that person knows how to create a database.

    It is rather simple, as you don’t have to create the table. The WordPress install.php will do this for you, but you have to create the database itself and give it a name.
    To do this you must have access to the MySQL server ( DBMS ). Someone is the admin of that server and have to set up an account for you.

    You say

    “I downloaded the WordPress files, and ran install.php (opened it with my browser)”

    You have to read the installation instruction for WordPress. You will understand that you must also have an account on the Apache web server ( Someone again ). The whole WordPress directory structure ( all files ) must be downloaded to the web server in your account under the web servers document root ( on UNIX normally youraccount/public_html/ ).

    You must edit the WordPress wp_admin/wp-config.php and add the name of your database and your user/password for MySQL.

    After that you may call the install.php from your browser with the full URL ( ).

    That is, the install script must be called from the web server, not from the file system.
    When the web serever gets a request for install.php it forwards the request to the PHP engine which executes the script and sends a refreshing message back to you.

    You’ll have some reading and talking ( with that someone ) to do.

    Don’t give up! You’ll be there some day.

    OK, I filed a help request, so lets see what they say. Thanks for all the help. I will repost here with some more problems which I know will invariably occur.


Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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