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  • Plugin Author Niall Kennedy


    You can create a new Facebook application using your Facebook user account (not page account).

    See the Associate a Facebook application with your WordPress site help document on for more information.

    Thanks for replying Niall
    I must be really thick because I can’t get any of this to work
    Have created an app id and app secret on my personal facebook and entered this on WordPress. It says it needs authorising, I’ve attempted to follow the instructions in the associate doc but this just gives errors like no call back address. I don’t know where this should point to.

    Are there some **simple** instructions a complete idiot like me can follow that will take me through this process step by step

    For now I’ve disabled the plugin because it isn’t working.


    I am in the same boat as you.
    I have developed a property website over the last few months, and come across many hurdles as i have no coding or wordpress experience.
    And i have to say, that trying to link my wordpress website to my facebook page has been the hardest and trying of the whole website development process to date.

    As an engineer by trade i have found the facebook plugin requires a very high level of experience and coding skills.

    The facebook support is very wide yet hard to grasp.

    I have got to your stage, yet i am stuck at submitting my app, as i cannot generate a story and get an open graph thingy done.
    And without that i cannot post from my website to my facebook apge as the two meta boxes to do so are missing. From what i can get from the forum its due to the open graph bit of the app being incomplete. Very hard to follow.

    Graham the following steps are what is required to getting the app idd, secret and installing the plugin.

    1) first step is to have a facebook timeline (personel profile)
    2) create a facebook page from your facebook timeline. (only then can you create an app)
    3) once you have created a facebook page linked to a facebook profile then you have to register as a facebook developer. (the link for facebook developer is at the bottom of your facebook page, also creating a page is there too)
    4) You have to verify your new developer account by either a code via a text message or by giving credit card details.
    5) once you are verified as a facebook developer, you have to create an app. Via the app tab in the top right on developers page. The click add new app.
    6) create your app, with your website url.
    7) disable sandbox mode.
    8) copy paste your new app id and secret from the top of you app details box.
    9) copy paste these into your wordpress/facebook/general tab. this activates the plugin. yet its still not finished.
    10) go straight to social publisher in wordpress/facebook tab and link your facebook profile to the plugin.

    This is a far as i have got, as the plugin will not allow me to post to my timeline…still.

    All i know is that facebook will not allow me to submit my app, as the open graph is incomplete, Yet all the facebook help sections skip around simple steps as how to do this.

    Can anyone shed any light on how to get through this stage.

    My engineering degree was a breeze compared to this.

    Facebook, please add some specific wordpress plugin tutorials to help users, as this is a great app made very difficult to manage.

    Thanks, and please help.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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