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  • I have just downloaded wordpress to my home computer and have extracted the files. But now what do I do? My website is I have been using Frontpage and am trying to change over to wordpress. I don’t know how to upload wordpress to my host server. Can anyone help me? Thanks so much. I have read tutorials etc, but just can’t figure out how to even install wordpress.

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  • Thanks Jon for responding. I had already read the installing detailed instructions and that is where I can’t figure out what to do after downloading and unzipping in my computer. I will check out the uploading link you suggested. Man, this is bugging me. I taught myself FrontPage and now that is rather obselete so my web host suggested I go to wordpress. Being as I am simply a mom with a high school band website, we have no extra funds to pay to change over…so I will figure this out. Will get back to you in the morning… thanks again.

    Can you get access to Cpanels you can install it from there.

    D M


    First, are you using ASP.NET (Microsoft) or L.A.M.P. (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP)? You can get this info from your host. It should say on your hosting package which one it is.

    Second, do you have an FTP client installed on your computer (for uploading & downloading files from your computer to your host’s server), such as Filezilla or CoreFTP? (…both of these are open-source and free)

    Third, ask your host if they would install WordPress for you.

    Bear in mind that ALL of your old site should be removed before you can install WordPress, if you wish to install WordPress at the same address.

    I am back. I tried filezilla…and moved files over from my computer to the remote site. now what do i do? how do I install wordpress…get a dashboard etc. my host wants to charge for the install and we are just a poor high school band so I am trying to do this myself. a simple mom…
    please help again…

    D M


    Where did you upload the wordpress files to? The root file (/html)? A seperate folder (i.e. – “newsite”)?

    Did you follow these instructions: – such as create a database, a database user, etc.?

    Did you remove the old website files first?

    I uploaded wordpress files to My host said the database etc was already set up.
    I did not remove old website files…do I need to do that or does the host do that?

    And once I have done all of this, what do I do next to design a page etc? For frontpage I just opened my frontpage software and went to work. How do I open wordpress to design etc?

    thanks so much. I am really getting frustrated. And my children already graduated…I am just still doing the site because I love the band and the kids…again..high school marching band…

    I can’t find the wordpress log in page…???

    “Logging In
    wordpress logo login in page
    View Log In Form
    Begin by logging into the “administration area” or the back end of your website. Visit your site’s login page by placing “wp-admin” after your domain name (e.g. Some themes provide a “log in” link or form on the front end as well. Now log into WordPress using your username and password.

    Starting from the Top”

    D M


    Involved instructions here on the Forum will take too much time and space. Please check the mail inbox at your Centennial High School Marching Band site.

    please send to [email address moderated – this forum does not provide support via email]

    Just be-careful you don’t wipe out the web site you have already on line their. I use cpanels to install my wordpress, easier to use software from your hosting company than to try a manual install.

    I feel your pain. I have just signed with a new hosting provider in Au.My old one was in the USA and support was hard. BUT in the transfer I have lost all my websites. 3 main ones and sub domains. My AU web host does not have Word Press in their CPanel as the USA one did. That was easy to install and run Word Press. So here I am Barb absolutely, completely horribly lost. I have a strong feeling I will never see my websites again and will have to start the Word Press ones from scratch when I learn how to do that. The other was a VBulletin forum based site and with that I have NOT a clue how to set it up. I was good with WP, even got used to changing CSS etc. BUT, I spent maybe not hundreds but certainly dozens of hours and it has all gone.:-( So I cant even direct you to my sites …. yet.. Yep I feel for you. Please do the same for me.

    Tassie: if you just wanted to express sympathy, great. But if you want anyone to help you, please start your own Support thread.

    I’m not trying to be nasty, but just mentioning it is one of the rules of the Support forums here, to make it possible for volunteers like me to actually be effective helping people. More than one question and/or person asking it in the same thread generally renders the thread impossible to follow.

    jonradio… I can’t see any “ask for help” in my post, was just saying that I understand the feeling as I am going through it myself. Any help or suggestions you can offer me is appreciated. I have absorbed all the previous but still trying. Will surely let you know if I get it fixed.

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