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  • Hello everyone!

    I currently have a website which was created by using Golive and I’ve been using Golive to update my website as well. Now that I am planning to create a new website with the same content on the current site by using WordPress and avoid interrupting it during the process. Eventually, I plan to have this newly created website from WordPress to replace the current one. After doing some googling & reading, this is what I understand so far the general concept on how to go about doing it.

    1. Install WordPress program within my bluehost control panel.
    2. Create a subdomain to use during the time to create and test the new website.
    3. Create a new folder in public directory to store all new materials on new website.
    4. Once the new site finished, migrate the new site to main domain and replace the existing old website

    My question is: Is this the best way to approach to what I plan to do? Any advice on what I should be careful for not to get messed up and consequently can interrupt users on the current website?

    Your advices are truly appreciated. Thank you all for your time!


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  • Best to use a folder and upload to there.You can use subdomain if you wish ! When you mention Content is this just text/images or actual design.
    If design you will need to design the site yourself. However if using default theme or other themes then no problem.
    Have a read of these first
    Move Wp
    Theme Design

    Hi loughcorrib, thanks for your respond. The content I mentioned is just text and images. The new website will have a total new design; the new site will look completely different from the current one. I might buy one of the theme from themeforest if I see what I like and I can afford it.

    May I ask when you said “best to use a folder and upload there”, do you mean I should create a folder on my server, but do not have the folder located in the public directory? please explain a bit more what you are saying.

    I will using the subdomain during the process of creating this new website to run and test it. I feel comfortable with subdomain and it’s the only way I know.

    thanks very much for those links!


    Even creating a subdomain, you’ll still have a folder. For example, if you have, your folder will be in publc_html/test. You can access it both ways. I would suggest building it out whatever way you wish, then using the velvet blues update urls plugin to change the URLs. You’re going to have to change from or either way to just so it really shouldn’t make a difference how you build it out. You’ll need to do it in the sub folder, then when ready to make the move, move the content(files) and then update the URLs using the plugin or another method.

    Either subdomain or folder it’s a personal choice. Also it would be best not to incorporate plugins until site goes live makes the move easier Please read the move wp link you should do ok If you run into issues the forum will help

    Couldn’t agree more about not incorporating plugins 😉 That would be AFTER the move.

    thank you both loughcorrib and wp_bh_fan for your help! I am pretty much set to start learn and create the new website.

    Thanks again! Have a fun and safe 4th of July, everyone!

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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