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  • Hello bloggers..

    I could use a little help with a problem that costed me many hours of work, but with no results. Since I am a beginner in wordpress and dont know much about php, this will probably be a small case for you (I’ve looked many places on the internet for help, but didnt find anything).

    I found this lovely free theme called IKARUS, and I want to have it on my site. But I am experiencing some problems!
    If you visit my site you’ll see that when you click on a post or a page, the sidebar totally dissapears (Including advertisment, latest in, most comments etc.). Only on the mainpage this looks normal. How comes? How can I make mainpage design default for all pages, posts, etc.

    Another thing: When you click on a post, you’ll see this long row of small links in the top of the post. What are these? And how can you remove them?

    I hope that somebody out there can help me with my problem.

    Best regards


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  • You would have to go through the php of the template and find out why it is not including the sidebar.

    The file that your problem most likely lies is post.php. Although themes are all different.

    ‘<?php get_sidebar() ?>’ Is what is normally used to include the sidebar which is in a sidebar.php file.

    And if you cant figure it out on your own, you could hire someone to teach you or fix it, if your really want to use that font.

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