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  • I am looking for blogging software to add a blog to my web site; I am a total newbie to blogging software. I have looked at various packages and it seems wordpress is the best. But I am wondering if I can configure it to do the following:
    I would like to publish blogs under the main category in cronological order, but also have another section with various categories (which apply to the construction process). So maybe there would be a blog entry this week about electrical, it would show up in the daily blog section, and then also in another section of categories under electrical. Can one post be routed to show up under multiple categories?
    Also, I read somewhere about nested categories. Are there nested categories, ie. construction; electrical….?? How many levels deep can you go?

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  • I don’t know about a limit to the number of levels of a subcategories, but otherwise, yes. A post can belong to multiple categories, too. And there are plugins available to show/hide categories on different places or under conditions you can set.

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