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  • Hello,
    I have successfully installed WordPress and am able to choose from the default themes, as well as one I purchased and installed. However, I would like to make some edits to the theme, mostly in terms of color, font, header images, etc. I know I can use the built in editor, but I’m more of a visual person (not too strong a programmer) and I’m stymied because I can’t SEE the file I’m editing. I know I can edit the CSS, but I want to look at it. When I bring the PHP pages into Dreamweaver, they don’t really show up as anything; I’m not sure why. Is there any way I can SEE what I am editing?

    Also, my client (the one I’m designing this blog for) wants a menu on the header of her site, sort of like, which I believe was created with WordPress. She wants it to be in Flash, though. Is that possible, or can we not import custom headers in .swf format?

    I apologize if these questions have been asked before; I have spent a good hour browsing the forums and haven’t found anything. I appreciate your help and support!

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  • To be honest, I feel really sorry for that client of yours spending money on a “designer” who has no idea how the database driven PHP sites work and wants to “see it” in a wysiwyg html editor (DW).
    At least, you should have the decency to sub-contract the work to someone that knows what is s/he doing.

    And before you comment on my “attitude”: I am gladly helping novice end-users for more than three years here but I am reluctant to offer my free support and time to people who pose as designers and do paid work – and ask for free help in the forum…

    I must agree to moshu. It’s a pity that some people make money by selling WP themes at the same seeking free advice on how to make them when in fact he or she doesn’t know that Dreamweaver doesn’t let them preview a website that is built with PHP scripts without going through a server.

    I could answer the question as I often edit WP themes, but…

    Good luck
    T. Bluewater

    Okay, can I pay one of you to do it, then?

    If I had known all this when I got into this project, I would have told my client it was over my head. But I didn’t know enough to know what I didn’t know! So I will pay someone else to do this, and probably LOSE money on the project, but at least I will have learned something.

    EmilyMelinda, you should not have to hear that kind of dribble from people when you use a FORUM to ask for help.

    I found your message while searching for a way to place a SWF file into WORDPRESS as a header. I have no solution yet, but I did successfully rework the CSS into a page design that matches the website I am building.

    Here is a tip, go to and download the WAMP server program. It will install a WINDOWS, APACHE, MYSQL, PHP server on your computer, and it will be addressable as http://localhost (there is a MAC version out there some where too)

    Install WORDPRESS with the WAMP server running and then setup the testing server feature in Dreamweaver for your site. You can edit the CSS code in DW and then hit F12 to see the results in a browser.

    The site I am working on is and I am hoping to launch the news page tonight (Monday) with the Flash header; crossing my fingers, wish me luck.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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