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  • Hi,

    I haven’t installed WP yet because I’m still trying to wrap my newbie brain around it. I have a static website that I like and want to keep updating statically. But then I want the blog to be on there and have the feed and comments, etc.

    Question: Can I have the wordpress be PART of the site and not the entire site? In other words, can I keep all my static pages (including the index) and still have the feed and blog on another place in my site?

    Thanks so much for your patience.

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  • In theory, sure, but I can’t think of any real reason that you’d ever want to do that. Static sites are a pain in the ass to maintain.

    Thanks Otto,

    Well, lets say that I want to have my website have an online catalog/shopping cart and also have the blog on it. The catalog would be static. Do you know what I mean?

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