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  • hello, for example i have google analytics, open ads, adsense installed in my website, as you know it needs me to paste javascript into my page,

    so if i installed wp-super-cache in my wp plugins, does it affecting the tracking result of google analytics, and the other?

    thank you.

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  • No, it won’t affect any Javascript counters.

    thanks donncha (for answering my question and developing great plugins).

    It won’t affect the Java in AdSense and the like, but it will affect Java options in things like WP Polls or the comment rating plugin, which are supposed to be deprecated for a user after they have voted or rated a comment.

    Hello, I installed the super cache on my blog but am not sure about something.

    I have the wp-postviews plugin installed, and it usually refreshes the number of views of a certain post immediately. Now I’ve read that such plugins wouldn’t refresh until the cached static pages are updated.

    My question is: Does that mean that the post views are currently counting the number of views of each post even though the change in the number of views will be updated when the static pages are updated? Or right now it is not calculating anything of that at all?

    I had wp-postviews and got rid of it because it conflicted with wp-super-cache.

    What you can do is install the wp-stats plugin and the stats helper ( to pull in the pageviews from the stats program.

    You can actually see it on my site

    Great – I was just asking myself this question.

    Another qustion – is there a list where all the conflicting plugins are listed ?

    P.S: can it be so that wp-super-cache will be disabled in specific posts ?
    (this way, I might be able to put a survay in a specific blog post, while the rest of the blogs stays chched)


    talgalili – there’s no list of conflicting plugins. That would be impossible to maintain.

    You could add the post url to the rejected URI list in the admin page, or just use a survey from a third party site.

    Thanks Donncha – you’ve been a great help.
    I wonder if some day the plugin pages on could have people submit conflicts between plugins.

    I wonder who could make such a thing. Oh well…

    thanks again

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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