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  • I am new to blogging and to wordpress and have some basic questions. Thanks in advance!

    1.) How can I go about adding some text effects to my blog titles? By default they are coming out rather small and I want to make them larger and maybe add some sort of eye catching effect like the engraved look or something to that effect, just something to make it stand apart clearly from my blog post.

    2.) How can I change the font color that my theme came with? It’s gray and now that I have changed the background image I would prefer it to be white.

    3.) Can anybody recommend the best easy to use plugin for creating default post template? I have to constantly add html to my each and every post because I want to use the same format for them all and its becoming quite time consuming.

    The blog I need help with is

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  • Hello Envoyer

    For your questions 1 and 2, I can give you two solutions (question 3 : dunno )

    – solution 1 : spend two years learning all the secrets of CSS and become a styling guru won’t won’t ever need our help again

    – solution 2 : browse the wordpress templates repository ( ), find the themes with cool styling that you love, and then open their code to understand what parts are doing what you love, in order to clone them.
    You’ll simply open the php files and then move on to the css for inspiration. For instance if you want to copy how part of a single post looks, it will be single.php most of the time, you find what css div/style/class(or whatever, haha) apply to the parts you want to clone, and then you open the stylesheet to find what is called by the div/style/class you want to replicate.
    Next is simply opening your own blog, adding the div/style/class to your php file(s), and next editing your own template’s css to add the styling rules.

    It may look complicated, but actually it is rather easy, no need for a complete understanding of the big picture.
    And if you love doing this, you’ll end up not needing to clone contents anymore in the end : you’ll have learned how to do it yourself the easy way 🙂

    Thanks for your reply Sabinou, much appreciated.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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