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Newbie: Add WP to existing static site-

  • Hello- I’m a somewhat experienced web designer but totally NEW to WordPress. I have searched the forums, but they all seem to refer to adding WP content into existing web pages. What I would like to do is add an entirely SEPARATE WP Blog to an existing static site. Am I naive to think this can be done “simply” by linking to WP/PHP content on the server from a static page. Or, do I have to rewrite the entire existing site in a dynamic format? If the above is possible, could anyone provide a URL of an example? Thanks One and All!

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  • Let me see if I got it well. You have a website, let’s say at example.com which has static (html) pages – eventually even subdirectories, and now you want to add a WP blog to that site. Right? You just have to install it in its own directory (wp, blog, whatever) and put as many links from your other pages to it as you wish. I did something similar with one of my subdomains:
    (notice that clicking on the Blog link it takes you to a totally different subfolder – wp – even if the look is totally the same)

    All I did was create a new sub-directory (e.g. /foo/blog) and install WP there. It is entirely self-contained and doesn’t require anything from the main “foo” site. I put a link to the blog index from my main site page, and that’s that.

    You don’t need to repurpose the rest of your site to add WP, and if you set up your permalinks, you can link directly to specific WP content from your main site easily.

    Moshu/Tortured Artist- Thanks for the quick replies. I do believe that answers my question exactly! I suspected that the solution was relatively simple!

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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