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  • If you are asking it here I assume you want to install (or have already installed?) WP on your server. Since you started a blog last month, you will have then to import those posts from blogger.
    For the other question the answer is: yes, you can integrate anything (though it’s difficult to say not seeing it).
    The only way to go: install WP, get familiar with it, play around and then start to make as you like it. BTW, how many pages/files are we talking about (for integration)?

    What I’m most concerned with is moving my mom’s memorial page. And some photos. I had installed wp at one point. However, I deleted it because I couldnt’ see any of my other pages. Even trying to type them in (ex. use to bring my sister and her kids up. Thanks for helping.

    You don’t have to install it in the root (main) directory of your site. You can create a directory called “blog” or “myjournal” or whatever and upload the WP files there. So, your blog will be residing in – and will not mess with the rest of your site.
    The other solution – if you want your blog to be the on the main page of your site – then put all your other files in different directories. If you wish so, later you can create Pages (a special feature in WP) where to integrate the content of your earlier files.

    use frame to link to subdirectory.

    Why to use frames to link to a subdirectory? That’s nonsense.

    Thanks Guys! All is helping well!

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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