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    My main objective is for the client (whom knows nothing about coding) to be able to update her pages on her own.
    Problem 1: I created some divs on the “dance classes” page using the html editor for that particular page. the divs are styled nicely to contain the classes information for each type of dance class. now when she goes to add another dance class type, it will not show up in my custom div. what is the best way, to dynamically add this decorative div when she adds the info to the page?

    Problem 2: Are there plugins that allows the client to only see what I allow her to see (such as roles) so that she does not disturb any code?
    I ask this because I notice when I go back and forth between html editor and the wysiwyg my html gets erased automatically. -_-

    Can someone please point me in the right direction as to what I should be doing to achieve this.

    Using wordpress 3.1 on a webhost.

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  • It sure would be nice to edit my post. In problem 2 what I am really trying to say is “how can I set up different access to the wordpress dashboard for admin vs client?

    Heya Heather.

    Check out Justin Tadlock’s Members Plugin. This basically handles custom roles and capabilities. You can do it in a plugin or theme functions file, but its really easy with Justin’s plugin.

    Regarding formatting within the editor, make sure you are using the html editor, not the visual editor. Also, if you are creating custom page layouts, you can create custom page templates, or even custom post types to create consistent and dynamic custom pages.

    Good luck!

    Thanks! Justins Plug-in looks awesome! I can’t wait to install and use it. I will read about creating my custom page templates and post types. I’m sure this will help me greatly. I had no idea what direction to turn until now.

    Thanks So Much!

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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