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  1. Luci
    Posted 2 years ago #

    I've read a few posts on the topic and still not too sure which option is best for me.

    I have a functioning site - http://www.theurbansniper.com and I recently purchased a new domain http://www.joeynewcombe.com which currently redirects back to the first site.

    In an effort to grab more traffic and better SEO for Joey I want to (I think) add a wp site which will have a different theme and show only a few pages. All content is already on theurbansniper but again, I would like it to have different theme / css.

    I could alternatively have joeynewcombe.com redirect to a specific page on theurbansniper but I think that would be harder to maintain with individual CSS for 3-4 pages.

    If you google "joey newcombe" - theurbansniper.com comes up within the results, my goal by making a multi site or linked page is to have joeynewcombe.com also come up in the results.

  2. If you want it to have it's own site, with it's own theme and plugins and pages, then you want Multisite.

    Otherwise you don't.

  3. Luci
    Posted 2 years ago #

    I'm having trouble setting up multisite.

    I have 4 pages

    which are all full sites, I would like to just be able to log into one of the above sites and then switch aroung within.

    My issue is adding the sites, I can't "park" a page because all of the sites are already up and running with WP installed.

  4. Pick ONE site to be your main/master site.

    Turn that into Multisite and make subsites for the others.

    Import the data.

    Install and configure domain mapping via a plugin.

    Map domains.

    Get rid of the existing sites.

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