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  • Anyone knows another WYSIWYG Plugin that works with wordpress, different this one that is upload in plugin section, so this doesn’t work fine with internet explorer.

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  • Hey templario…
    Since too many people is having trouble with my editor I was thinking that i might change it back to use htmlarea… what does everyone else think about this?

    why not have two?

    I just made a new version of my plugin…. this one is based on htmlArea so hopefully must of the errors will be gone.
    There are some features still missing but the basics are in there.

    WYSIWYGII seems to work ok, except I keep getting an error in my error log for
    File does not exist: ...wp/wp-content/plugins/htmlarea/plugins/EnterParagraphs/lang/en.js
    and the link button does not insert a link. Not sure if the 2 are related….

    Can anyone make a wysiwyg edit for wordpress that work so smoothly in ” Article Manager “, try it out at : . It is amazingly flawless.

    … which is what I’d expect for $269.

    Actually the plugin WYSIWYG II is based on htmlArea which is used on articlemanager so it should work as smoothly as article manager does.

    I have tested the WYSIWYG II and found that when a photo is uploaded to a post, the words does not flow around the photo as in ” Article Manager” . Is there fix for this problem ?

    If the photo is floated left or right, text shouldn’t have any trouble flowing around it. Sounds like a CSS issue – but I haven’t tried the plugin myself.

    Does WYSIWYG II work properly in Mozilla browsers?

    Tested WYSIWYG II and it works fine on windows with mozilla (firefox) and ie. Except for the problem of not being able to copy/paste in firefox (work around is to go in text mode for copy/paste)

    On Mac OS X (10.3), it doesn’t work with firefox or safari (one of the 2 doesn’t work at all, the other displays a warning on every page load of the post form, can’t remember which.) On ie 5 on mac it works…

    Anyone found workarounds for firefox or safari on the mac besides using ie?

    Actually I developed the plugin on MacOS X… it doesn’t work on Safari but the reason for that is that Safari doesn’t have support for any wysiwyg editor (javascript based… there is one Java based that works amazingly good).

    In mozilla works fine (actually I only use Firefox so I’m pretty sure that it works).

    The warnings should only appear in Safari (because it doesn’t work).

    I’ve installed and tried it, works fine with no errors, but I’ve a question. I don’t have all the options in the toolbar. (e.g. I don’t have font selection, font size etc.) How can I add all the options?

    Ok. please ignore my previous post, now I sometimes see all the icons in toolbar, and sometimes they disappear. I only get half of it. Any idea why?

    has anybody looked at using for wordpress?


Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 23 total)
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