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  • I have created a cool new theme, but I am still working on it. Here it is in my devbox:

    This is a magazine theme that has

    1. Main Feature:An admin panel that allows you to change the Main feature to whatever category you want.

    2. Side Feature: To change the side feature to whatever category you want

    3. Category Boxes:To add a category to any of the boxes to the right of the side category.

    4. Randomize Feature: With many magazines, if you have a lot of content, only certain posts get shown on the front page. As well, if you don’t have a lot of content, your site won’t look updated.

    Well, for each feature, you can choose a random option that will randomize X number of recent posts from a specific category. So, for the main feature, you can randomize the last three published posts from that category, or you can leave it alone and it will show the most recent post.

    5. Header uploader : You can upload your own header.

    6. Image fetching : The magazine theme will fetch the first image of the blog. As well, you can also use the custom fields to retrieve images as well.

    There is a custom field for main feature, side feature, and category feature. This is useful if you want different pictures to be shown for thumbnails, or side-features images etc.

    7. Side Category Background upload : You can upload an image that can be a background for just the side category. Another utility to add flavor to your site.

    8. Multi-Search Mechanism : This function can search five different websites, and you can customize it for your own searches!

    I won’t be finished for another week, but if you want to know when it will be released, email me at It is free, and I haven’t known of any issues with 2.8 as of yet. I just need to fix some bugs and bring about some documentation.

    If you want a demo of the admin, email me. Thanks!

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  • I am working on the css. My vga adapter is messy so the colors on my screen don’t look the same as everyone else’s. I am currently reproducing the color effect I initially had before I found my computer screen was missing a good amount of green ( sigh ).

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