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  • I’ve built a new theme for WordPress 3. It is called Twenty Ten Weaver, and is a child theme of the new standard Twenty Ten theme. It lets you tweak colors and layout in the admin page.

    If anyone who is using WP3 would like to try it, check it out at

    This theme will not work on WP 2

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  • Nice, I’ve been searching the net for more child themes for twenty ten. I’ve been working on my own, not nearly as complete as yours though.

    I’ve just released an update version of this child theme with even more features. Let’s you tweak Twenty Ten about as much as possible without extending the theme with new PHP code.

    I really like it. I found the default header image height way too tall. I previously had to edit functions.php to change the height but your theme makes it easier.

    The one problem I found is that if you switch sub-themes, your font choice and other options are lost. It should either propagate to the new sub-theme or at least save them for each sub-theme.

    I also want to know if it will be possible to hide sidebar on a post by post basis. The default lets you hide it for pages but not posts.

    It really is difficult to track what got changed – you can save your changes so far in a saved theme, but changes don’t propagate from subtheme to subtheme. Sorry.

    There is no equivalent of the single column page for posts. Would be fairly hard to do for the single post page.

    It CAN be done, but only by using one of the plugins such as blog-in-blog to put an individual post (or posts from same category) onto a page. Then you could make that page single column.

    But don’t think it can be done by clicking or viewing the automatic single post page you get from the archive widget, for example. Someone could write a special theme to do that, but it would be very specialized.

    I hope I’m allowed to post questions about your theme here.
    I’ve been trying to get the plugin called “Calendar” by Keiran O’brian to work properly on the site, but somehow the 2010 theme and the 2010 weaver theme both make it look really bad. Somehow the CSS from the calendar plugin is ignored by 2010(Weaver).

    Is there a way to fix this? My site with the plugin is here:

    The plugin as it should look:

    I’d love to continue to use your theme, but if I can’t fix the calendar, I’ll sadly be forced to find a different theme… (and customizing a theme takes a lot of time)


    This will fix the issue:

    #content tr td {padding: 1px 1px;}

    Add that to the < HEAD > section of Advanced Options between the < style > and < /style > tags.

    This might break how other tables look on your pages, so I am trying to figure out a more specific solution other than #content, but for now this will work. I don’t think I like how Twenty Ten styles tables, and may decide to add an alternative for Weaver.

    I use the Twentyten theme and ran into 2010-Weaver and Twentyten-Weaver by accident when looking for instructions on creating a child theme for Twentyten. They look so much more versatile and easy for a novice designer like myself. However, what are suggestions/benefits for choosing the 2010-Weaver or Twentyten-Weaver child theme?

    Thank you. So Humor Me

    Thanks wpweaver! It worked!
    It’s somehow not still exactly how the calendar looks on the developer’s page, but at least it looks a lot better now, with equal spacing.
    Great job!


    I am useing your theme and it works great only one question.
    I like to use some WordPress functions in the header to set a different background picture on every page.
    Only the php code doesn’t work it just appears in de html as coded.
    Is there a way to do use php code through the advanced options header section?

    Hope you can help.



    Same issue as Boudewijn

    I’ve created a custom function to manage date-controlled backgrounds on a blog by blog basis within multisite, but can’t get it to hook properly to wp_head() – keeps returning a fatal error for undefined functions against any WP functions in the function script – even basic ones such as get_bloginfo() that already appear above the stylesheet in the TwentyTen head zone.

    Really frustrated that I cannot figure this out and would appreciate any pointers.


    The Site Header Insert Code section of the Advanced Options supports shortcodes from essentially any plugin. There is a PHP shortcode plugin. That is how to get PHP into the Header section of a page. However, this is past the < /HEAD > tag. There is not a way to get PHP or the output of some PHP logic inserted into the < HEAD > section using Weaver.

    I haven’t looked, but there is likely to be another plugin that let you use PHP to emit HTML in the < HEAD > section – could be done, so I imagine it has. I’m pretty sure there can be multiple themes + plugins that hook wp_head().

    Another approach is to write a plugin. They can be really simple – perhaps a lot easier than trying to mess with a theme’s code.

    wpweaver – lookup (google) css generated with php

    That’s what I’m trying to do.

    The issue is that with a correctly working child-theme functions file assembling the style sheet from default style.css (child version) plus a functional stylesheet.php – all the WordPress functions (including the most basic such as get_bloginfo() ) are returning fatal errors, despite that identical function being called earlier in the <head> before the default stylesheet direct call, and significantly before wp_head()

    I don’t want to have to load up header.php with acres of code the way you had to – I want it held outside in a stylesheet.php which the PHP functions do allow as do the CSS functions – it seems WordPress do not.

    The problem appears to be somewhere in wp_head() or maybe in ms-functions() or ms-template() – knocking out access to WP functions when using php generated stylesheets.

    I did read a note on a plugin in the repository that they had been forced to remove a key functionality because WP does not allow plugins that modify or extend core function functionality, nor that change or extend core theme files – starting to think they’ve encoded enforcement of that somewhere.

    Sorry about not getting back – guess I should subscribe to the feed on this topic…

    I don’t exactly understand everything you’ve said – it can be very hard to do without actually seeing code. If you’d like to contact me via my website (, perhaps I could take a look at what you’re doing. I thought you were just working on a custom Weaver theme, but if you’re doing an interesting plugin, perhaps a quick glance at the code might trigger something. Sometimes just another set of eyes can see an issue.

    I got the Twenty ten weaver and it’s great! thanks!


    OK, it’s a lot simpler idea than I think it takes to explain it …

    Let’s say you have an annual calendar with events such as Valentines, Easter etc. and you want to change background images based on the current date.

    Option 1 is bung in a div and a normal function to grab an image on a template by template basis = heavy to maintain.
    Option 2 is to have a function that generates the image URL by date-based rules, then uses that string variable as part of a css created by the function. That css then comes after the normal style.css and so replaces the defaults where applicable.

    But trying to run it in the header results in the errors described earlier because the function relies on WP functions that are not called until wp_get_header(). Catch-22 is you need that css to run before get_header, because you need it to apply to the header too.

    Still going round in code circles with it … thinking of relocating to a corn field and making circles there instead 😉 lol.

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