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    When new WP users are created they are not added to the plugin’s Contacts list.
    I saw the support article https://www.icegram.com/documentation/es-how-does-sync-work/ but it doesn’t tell me anything and appears to be for an older version anyway. I found a Workflow trigger “User Registered” but there’s no action to sync the user or add as a contact. How can I make new WP users automatically added to the plugin’s own list? Thanks.

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    Yes! Email Subsribers’ Workflows allow you to sync contacts from WordPress’s native user database with Email Subscribers. For example, a user can be added to a selected list as soon as he signs up when you create a workflow choosing “user registered” as a trigger and “Add to list” as an action. Please take a look at this video to learn how to create the workflow for the same - https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Zfc7BJ1Fqcec3cj57cN-XPv-ezENsx_d/view.
    You can use WordPress’s default login widget or any other custom form to accept registrations as you normally do and new users will automatically be added as Subscribers to Email Subscribers database. Also, you can create a workflow to import contacts whenever users adds their comments.

    “Sync” doesn’t work for me.
    Of course I follow the instructions of this page
    The 3 workflows are created but they doesn’t works.
    And when I read thishttps://www.icegram.com/documentation/es-how-does-sync-work/
    What does mean “once it is enabled” ? Where can I enabled the “sync” ?
    Thanks for helping me.
    (I use the version Version 4.5.3)

    And when I go to the page “Audience -> Sync contacts” , I just have this sentence “Hey!!! now sync users using Email Subscribers’ workflows. Create new workflows” but no settings.
    And when I clicl to “Workflows”, I can see my 3 workflows and their status are “on”.

    Same issue here, sync contacts with wordpress users does not work!
    Can you help? Thanks

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