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  • I want to create a wordpress website on an existing domain. I have an existing old website on that domain, just made from HTML, hosted with an older company.

    I want to create a new Bluehost – WordPress website with the same domain. I set up a bluehost account using the ‘i have a domain name’ option – entering the existing domain. I then installed WP with the temporary URL.

    Is there anyway to create this new Bluehost – WordPress website without changing the A record or anything else that will bring down the existing live webiste

    Am missing something simple. Do i need to set up the new website with the local ip address? Or something along those lines?

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  • You really should build it in a local installation before setting it live.
    I have converted many static sites to WordPress. Here’s what I do:
    * create a clone of the site on my computer
    * make a list of all the pages (for testing and for rewrites later)
    * install WP into a folder, not the root of the clone
    * set options to match the old site, such as image sizes and permalink structure
    * Use whatever method you can to copy the actual content from the static to WP. There are tools like Feedity and also plugins like WP Scraper and Import HTML. I prefer to make a CSV file and get everything edited in one place (including which image goes where), and then use CSV Importer. You can also use Import Legacy Media for the images. I do that first.
    * Test the WP site to see that all the old pages are represented. (Check your list.)
    * Create redirects for any pages that have a new address or you didn’t want any more. You might need one for images, if they have a new location.
    * Now you can try deleting the cloned html files and do the “Give WP its own folder” trick that is linked on the WP General Settings page.
    * Test that everything still works.
    * Use a plugin such as Duplicator to copy your site to your hosting.

    Thank you for the detailed help!
    Greatly appreciated!!

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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