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  • The old version of WP Mobile didn’t properly filter out unapproved comments. This means that unapproved comments and comments queued for moderation will show up in the (old) Mobile view.
    I highly recommend that anyone using the Mobile version upgrade to the latest release or add:
    AND comment_approved = '1'
    on line 274.

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  • I find this “very very cool” but I am having major difficulties customising it. Can you please check out my questions and help if possible.
    – How do I specify the amount of posts that display on the first page, the default version displays way to many.
    – How do I remove the comment forms and put them on a new page, so it behaves like normal WP. I dont want to see the “commets”, or the “add comment form” on the same page.
    – Are there any examples out there with different styles? I want to make mine look more like the site.
    Cheers, Dan

    It’s only tested on release versions of WP, so there may be changes needed to support 1.3.

    Of course – that should go without saying. Dan didn’t say what version he was using or provide a link hence my post with fix.

    Sorry I didnt think to mention what version I am using. I am using V 1.2
    I Cant wait for it to work. More info on how to customise it would be very cool. If this is provided I would be happy to write some documention.
    It would also be cool if this was integrated into future versions of WP.

    so when do you think there will be an upgraded version?

    After 1.3 is released.

    Thanks Andrew. For me this is by far the coolest WP Plugin. I am looking forward to seeing a new version…. maybe even with a little more functionality 😉
    (dan quickly dodges a backhand swipe from Alex)

    I think it works exactly as it should for a mobile device, but you’re welcome to add whatever functionality you like.

    The functionality is great but what about more instructions on how to customize it? I would really like to be able to specify the amount of posts per page ($showposts=1 did not work for me in 1.2), have the comments displayed on a separate page, and the ability to display images as thumbnails or not at all. That last one was just a thought… Mobile Bandwidth here in New Zealand is freaking expensive 😛

    New version:

    Please upgrade and post any bugs in the new thread (I’m not monitoring this one anymore).

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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