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  • Nice spotting razman. That was made by our mate Lee from the UK 🙂

    Nice work Lee!!! (its a freaking awesome shipping module)


    hi Lee,
    I also spotted this very new plugin.
    however I cannot see the option appearing in WP in the specified location :/

    running wp 2.9.2, FF, WP ecommerce Version

    looking fwd to your help!

    Hi broodje,

    You’re right – I should probably have added a note about that. Here’s the answer:

    Note: Support for the right hooks isn’t available in the current release versions. To use this plugin you need to make this change to core WP E-Commerce –


    hi Lee,
    thx for the reply!
    will try that out and let you know


    I have installed your wonderful plugin. I have selected Weight/Country option, Single quote for total cart weight and made three layers. Since I am using grams, I used 0.1 for 100 grams .05 for 50 grams and so on. However, it doesn’t show the shipping rate according to the cart weight. I might be sounding stupid, but that is because I am very much new to wp-ecommerce. Could you please help me?

    WordPress 3.0.1
    Wp-ecommerce 3.7.7

    the shop is

    The weights you set in the shipping bands must be entered in pounds (lbs). Also – you’ll almost certainly want your lowest weight band to be “0 and above”.

    If that doesn’t help solve your problem, can you confirm:
    – A product weight
    – The *exact* bands you’ve got set up (A screenshot would be great)

    The product under Incense category Everest and Ma darshan has a weight of .88 and .66 pounds. And I have set the weight bands beginning from 0.

    Still it is not updating.

    How to add a screenshot here?

    You can drop me a note here if it helps:


Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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