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  • Hey all — now that I think I’ve got everything working more or less properly, I thought I’d sign in and pimp the site. (!) I was previously using Blogger to run a personal blog on a subdomain of my main site (Scary-Crayon), but I figured I’d give WP a try on my new domain. So here’s the hellish new blog — feel free to visit and comment and stuff. 😀

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  • Love what you’ve done there. Sometimes a dark theme blog doesn’t come across right, but I think you’ve struck a great balance. The design is appealing and its very readable. Good job.

    Absolutley love it! Unique and dark…my favorites 😉

    Thanks for the comments, Jeff and Jenn — glad you like the look of the place. Putting it together was… fun. 😉

    Wes, out of curiosity, what did you use for your Blogroll dropdown? Or did you hand-code that?

    (By the way, the site is quite nice. Really like it.)

    I used the Drop Down Get Links plugin by Ria Baltazar (available here) for the blogroll — I think it looks a lot better than having the sidebar cluttered with links, although people may be less inclined to visit them than they would if all of the links were out in the open. Ah well, we take the good with the bad. 😉

    And again, thanks for the compliments!

    How did you get the drop down archives? Also if you used that same plug in what changes did you make? thanks

    I got it to work
    I placed this code in the sidebar

    <select name=”archive_chrono” onchange=”window.location = (document.forms.archiveform.archive_chrono[document.forms.archiveform.archive_chrono.selectedIndex].value);”>
    <option value=”>Select Month</option>
    <?php get_archives(”,”,’option’, 1); ?>

    The code for the archives, categories, and search bar came from Theron Parlin’s Minima Plus theme. Apparently WP lists the blogroll differently from the archives and cats, so no plugin was necessary for those two.

    The months are showing up as 1 March 2005, 1 April 2005… When i inserted the code in the comment above. How can I get it so its March 2005, April 2005…

    Any ideas?

    I’m pretty sure that’s something that has to be changed in your options (try general > date display format), but I’m not exactly sure… I don’t recall encountering any issues like that.

    Thanks, Wes — this is terrific. I was doing it (the dropdown blogroll) by hand, but I’ll see if this will work with my old WP 1.2.2. 🙂

    Yeah, yeah — I’m hoping to have time to test out 1.5, before I upgrade.

    Very nice design. It’s always nice to see that there’s other people out there with dark sites. The quote at the top of the blog is really well-written, very nice…

    UsmanLaw: Ah, I hadn’t seen the code you inserted when I read your last post — I believe the “1” is showing up because you’ve written it into your code:

    <?php get_archives(”,”,’option’, 1); ?>

    Take that out and that should remove it. I can’t say for sure, though, since I’m kinda new to PHP and am using something else to create the effect, but that looks like the problem to me!

    DianeV: I believe the plugin was created for WP 1.2, so you shouldn’t have any problems with it — I took a chance on trying it in WP 1.5 and luckily it worked out fine. I’ve found that writing a description for the site in the links manager causes validation errors (though the visual output remains unchanged, at least in Mozilla and IE), so I’m not sure if that’s a 1.5 issue or if that happens in 1.2 too. But yeah, it should work for you. UsmanLaw’s code may work too — and I don’t suppose it even requires a plugin — but I’ll stick with what I’m using right now. If it ain’t broke… 😉

    And krm: Thanks for the compliments, especially the one regarding the story quote! Tell that to the fiction magazine editors, though — I must’ve gotten at least four rejections for the story from which that quote was taken. I can’t seem to sell a story to save my life! :/

    Maybe I’ll just start posting them on Scary-Crayon or something. 🙂

    Wes: When i take the 1 out everything goes crazy.

    Hey, maybe this’ll work — it gives the code for making a drop down links list on the get_archives info page in the WP codex:

    <form name=”archiveform” action=””>
    <select name=”archive_chrono” onchange=”window.location =
    <option value=”>Select Month</option>
    <?php get_archives(‘monthly’,”,’option’); ?>

    See if that works for you.

    Thanks Wes! worked like a charm

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