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  • Hi –
    I’m new to WordPress and just installed it last night. The hosting service seems to have all the basic requirements met, and said that mod_rewrite was enabled. Installation succeeded and I can create users and post.
    I installed WordPress into a directory called “wp” immediately below my “public_html” directory.
    But I don’t have an “archives” directory under my “wp” directory, and if I use < !–more– > in a post, or if I click on the archives calendar thingie when viewing the blog, I get 404’d.
    I have edited .htaccess to change RewriteBase (changed “/wp” to “/public_html/wp/”) but this does not solve the problem.
    Any help would be welcome. I’m not php-savvy at all.
    Kind regards,
    Joshua Newman

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  • Change this:
    to this
    and see what happens ?

    Hi – thanks for the reply.
    I see I made a typo in my original post. There was a trailing “/” character terminating the RewriteBase line.
    Anyway – I did change /public_html/wp/ to /wp/ but it did not resolve the problem.
    Kind regards,
    Joshua Newman

    Now to query the server and see what it says about mod_rewrite:
    Paste this into a new Notepad / BBEdit file
    <?php phpinfo(); ?>
    Save as ‘info.php’
    Upload to server. Visit in your browser (
    That will give you info about your php version and mod_rewrite.

    Hi –
    The php version is 4.3.9 and the apache version is 1.3.31 with mod_rewrite loaded.
    Should the installation of WordPress have created a directory underneath its own called “archives” or maybe “wp-archives”– like this:
    Because there was no such directory created by the installation. Should I create one?
    Kind regards,
    Joshua Newman

    You do not need to create “archives” directory! Those (like the category as well) are kinda “virtual” directories, created by the rewrite rules – if they are set up correctly 🙂

    No – everything after the /wp is a ‘virtual directory’
    Try this at the top of your .htaccess
    Options FollowSymLinks

    How did you you set up your “virtual site structure”? i.e. what template tags did you put in the permalink options page?
    (e.g. mine is – /archives/%year%/%monthnum%/%day%/%postname%/)

    Hi –
    Moshu, my template tags are identical to yours:
    Seems like a sensible structure.
    podz, I tried putting the line Options FollowSymLinks (cut and pasted from your message) at the top of .htaccess, but it did not solve the problem.
    Kind regards,
    Joshua Newman

    You shouldn’t need the ‘public_html’
    That ‘directory’ is a server-side thing that means nothing to a browser or to rewrite rules. (I know it’s called something more complex that ‘thing’, but I know you can also ignore if from this side of the website.)
    Have you installed into just the one directory ?
    Are you just using notepad and ftp to upload the .htaccess ?

    Hi podz –
    I’ll try putting up the .htaccess again, but yes, just a pure ASCII editor and ftp. Maybe it’s corrupt.
    At this point I’m thinking of just saving the source of the two or three entries I’ve published, tearing WP out, deleting its database, and installing it again from scratch.
    Would that make sense, or should I keep trying to troubleshoot the current installation?
    Kind regards,

    If wp is working, I’d leave it.
    Does your host have any forums where you can search for any .htaccess issues ?
    Who is your host ? Just in case someone here has the same and could advise.

    Hi –
    The host is, and although there is a lot about them to like, unfortunately, their forums are not their strongest feature. I’m going to post there, though, in case someone’s seen this issue before.
    WP is working, but without the categories, < — more — >, and permalinks at present. It’s not critical that it be ready for production this week, but that would be nice. Everything about it I like, so far, except this glitch.
    Kind regards,

    Just re-created .htaccess by going into Options / Permalinks and copying and pasting the mod_rewrite rules from the bottom of the page (after updating my permalink structure)
    Which part of the host’s directory structure should .htaccess live in?
    I’m guessing it should be in the same directory in which WP is installed (for me, that’s the /public_html/wp directory) — is that correct?
    Kind regards,


    OK. I put .htaccess in /wp (which was clearly part of the problem; I hadn’t understood properly that this file controls access to the directory in which it resides, and thought it was global — it hurts sometimes to be new!).
    Part of the problem is now gone: The categories work properly and do not give 404 errors when clicked.
    The permalinks are still broken, though.
    This is the case whether or not .htaccess contains “Options FollowSymLinks” (without quotes marks) as its first line.
    Kind regards,

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