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    Please tell me what you think of my new design. Tell me if anyone has anything like it. I tried to make something original, so hopefully its a first.

    Just look at the front page (I’m not completely done with the other pages). BTW, the numbers are the navigation. The search bar and the links, I would love to style better to fix the style of the rest of the page, if anyone has a guide to make a search bar with rounded edges, please share.

    Also the content is QUITE old, god I need to think of something interesting to post.

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  • Definitely original. I like it, it’s nice and clean. I also like how you setup the archives/search/links to be toggleable.

    Good job.

    Yea, I wanted to make the about page be toggeable too, but it’s just too long.

    Nice, I like it. It’s so clean.

    Thank you.

    Very nice and clean. Have I seen things like that? Here and there but not exactly.

    And while you are reaping all the kudos and swelled head, the reviewer grouch appears…hee hee hee….evil laughter rings.

    Site has some boo boos that need to be cleaned up. Mostly they are minor, but you have a DIV gone stray that is a must fix.

    I also miss some kind of title for what the site “is”. In FireFox, there is nothing in the header except for the numbers. In fact, you might want to (if you are going to make this public, but for other good reasons) put the header in a header div as a road sign. You have nothing in there to add header title content. The H1 tags are among the headings search engines seek out and compare with the rest of the content, and the first heading on your page is H2, which breaks accessibility standards which says “start with H1, then H2, and so on.”

    This is minor stuff, but if you really care about your site, these all need to be fixed and taken into consideration. It’s a very cool and clean site, and I’ll leave the others to swell your head 😉

    Keep up the fantastic work!

    Thanks for the advice Lorelle. I fixed the XHTML problems, now I fully XHTML valid. The one thing I do not want to do is to clutter the header image anymore than it is. However I will include a H1 tag, but I will do the following:

    H1 {
      display: none;

    Or better yet to be accessible:

    h1 {position: absolute;
    font-size: 0;
    left: -1000px; }

    Working on a Codex article featuring this information today, so I had it right at my fingertips. Screen readers can read the text, but it shifts right off the screen. The newer screen readers don’t read anything that is set with display:none.

    The other option is to use display:none but make sure you include aural style sheet information that changes the H1 back to display:block and then it will work perfectly.

    Oh, and the grouch reviewer strikes again.

    CSS errors (the mouse overs might trigger some but there are other things)

    Ah, it never ends…;-)

    But the site is worth making everything perfect.

    damn..i really like your design. and i know who the guy in the picture is. is it from FLCL?

    A abosolutely lovely design. Clean, functional but still altogether gorgeous.

    I’m jealous:-)

    Awsome site. It is so simple and ellegent. 🙂
    You plan on relesing the theme?
    Anyway, once again it is an awsome site!


    Very nice design…

    Looks good. Though I’d redo the navigation buttons.

    I hate to say it but youre right, when I first saw them I just assumed they were a counter or summat – I never actually noticed they were sequential.

    FYI: the banner wasn’t working last night under Safari.

    Lorelle: Thanks for the H1 tip! I’ve tried to fix the problems with the CSS, but I keep getting this one error, check it out

    hisyam: Yes, that is from FLCL (Cover of the DVD Vol. 3). You have a good eye.

    ifelse: Jesus! Praise from If..Else. I’ve always loved your design, but I could never come up with something as beautiful as yours.

    Denis-de-Bernardy: It’s the same problem I have with the H1 tag in the header, I really want this disign to be as clean as possible. And I really have no ideas on how to make the navigation clearer without cluttering up the header.

    somefool: Again, sorry for the confusion.

    SFEley: Sorry, but I don’t know what to tell you. Its valid XHTML and (nearly) valid CSS and I have absolutely no way to test in any Mac browsers. Unless you know what might be causing the problem, I don’t think I can do anything.

    To everyone: Again, if anyone knows how to make the search bar have rounded edges (just adding a background, or something) please let me know. Also I noticed that IE doesn’t like to reder my Archives DIV very well. If someone has an idea on how to fix that I would really appreciate it.

    Thank you to all who commented.

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 27 total)
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