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  • My If Menu was working fine before the WordPress update – now that I updated my WordPress, it’s giving me this error:

    If Menu detected a conflict with another plugin or theme (Bridge_Qode_Walker_Nav_Menu_Edit_Custom) and may not work as expected.

    I have issued a support ticket with my Theme provider as it seems like it’s conflicting with something on their end, but they don’t usually like to help with 3rd party plugins.

    Any way I can fix this?

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  • Plugin Author Andrei



    Indeed latest version of WordPress changed functionality for menu items, and plugins & themes need to be updated to continue working properly.
    If Menu plugin is updated already, and can you check if you have latest version?

    If your site uses latest version of WordPress & If Menu and the plugin is still not working, the problem is created by a plugin/theme that adds the code referring to “Bridge_Qode_Walker_Nav_Menu_Edit_Custom”.

    The new update of WordPress related to menu items can be seen here -> “Just for developers
    ” section.
    If you mention it may be the theme developer, you can contact them so they can test the theme agains the new WordPress update. The change needed is not about specifically supporting 3rd-party plugins, but to follow official WordPress coding standards and NOT breaking 3rd-party plugins. More technical details about this can be found here

    Hope this helps

    Almost immediately with 5.4 I get “If Menu detected a conflict with another plugin or theme (ACF_Walker_Nav_Menu_Edit) and may not work as expected.” even with the latest IfMenu version.

    Hi Andre,

    Thanks for your reply. This is the message I got back from my Theme support team:

    Walker_Nav_Menu is a core class used to implement an HTML list of nav menu items ( more info here ).

    Bridge theme extends it and the implementation is done in the following files:



    We haven’t tested the ‘If Menu’ plugin with Bridge and it’s not officially supported. The integration of third-party plugins requires custom coding and it’s not covered by our support service. My advice is to contact the plugin support. If they are not able to help, please consider using some other plugin for this purpose.

    Is the only option to try another plugin?

    Plugin Author Andrei


    Can you try the latest update for If Menu? The plugin is updated to show more descriptive warnings and how to fix the problems.

    The latest version of WordPress, 5.4, introduced these changes to menu items

    New hooks let you add custom fields to menu items

    and the theme needs to adapt too.

    Before v5.4, it was fine to add those files referenced by theme developers. But after updating to v5.4 that code actually breaks functionality in other plugins.

    All plugin/theme developers were notified by WordPress team about this change, and looks like the theme wasn’t updated yet.

    I have found a work around until QODE Bridge get their act together and fix the theme.

    Put site into maintenance mode (don’t use the inbuilt Bridge page for this), I use the WP Maintenance Mode plugin.

    Swap the theme to 2020 and you can make all the changes to the menu/s, don’t forget to save them.

    Reactivate the Bridge Theme and go to widgets (important) and put them all back into the correct areas.

    Disable Maintenance mode.

    That’s it…. Done

    Cheers Rog

    Roger, you’re an absolute legend. Thank you for sharing this!

    I hope that Bridge/Qode get their act together and fix their theme soon.




    I have the same problem since version 5.4 of WordPress with the “Schema” theme of MyThemeShop. My error message is: If Menu detected a conflict with another plugin or theme (Walker_Nav_Menu_Edit_Custom) and may not work as expected.

    I gave them the links of the 2 tickets which speak of this problem. They replied:
    We are adding a note to our Development team about this issue so that they can check that.
    In the mean time, please get in touch with the plugin author also if that is something they can fix from their end.

    What can you answer?
    Thanks in advance.

    Letot Jean-Jacques




    Here is the answer from the developers of the MyThemeShop “schema” theme:
    Our developers have checked this issue and have concluded that it cannot be fixed.
    This is not something which can be fixed, either you have to use the plugin or theme as both use same functionality to extend the navigation menu and this is a limitation by WordPress Core code, even plugin page mentioned it here:
    We tried to solve this issue by spending some time in debugging but we were not successful.
    Thank you for your understanding.

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