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  • I’ve created a very basic WordPress template that I hope you all enjoy. Who needs another writing instrument? Well, hopefully you do. The design is called “Pen-sive” and it can be seen on my WordPress Testbed here:
    Here is the link to the screenshot and thumbnail and the link to download. Read the fine print, as you will need a userid and password to access the Zip file. Please drop your critiques into the comment box there if you don’t mind!
    Hope you enjoy it.
    Errattum: I HAD made a slight modification to the index.php template which I had forgotten about. I moved the footer information (“Powered by WordPress,” etc.) to the sidebar. The index.php file is included among the Zip files being provided for your use. Be sure to replace your current index.php with the one provided in the Zip set.

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  • Joni, while this is a good start, you should probably put some more work into it before releasing it. All that it really seems you did was add the pen graphic and change a few little details.
    Perhaps you should change around the colors (since they are still default in some places) and work on the typography. More so, the sidebar can use some attention to how it is formatted (indenting, spacing, etc).
    As I said, a good start – just work with it some more.

    that pen looks huge in 800×600 but okay at 1600×1200. Maybe it could be a lil smaller? and i agree about the sidebar — it looks a lil too defaultish ^_^

    That would be de-faulty, eh, ryoken? I’ll work on it! Thanks for the tips!

    sigh.. i and i specifically changed my word from defaulty to defaultish to avoid the pun … o well ^_^

    hmm.. the pensive sidebar is a lot better ^_^. all three styles have resize issues in my eyes, but i guess that comes with my preference for fixed width.
    charlize looks a tad odd at high resolutions. i use 1920×1200, and its a tad wierd to see the bg one side of the screen, white space, and then the log on the other side.
    for pen-sive and vargas, the borders between posts look really short.
    all of em look good on lower res (1280 and 1024, at least).

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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