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  • I have just converted an existing site to WordPress. It seems rather slower than I’m used to for WordPress, but that could be because I am in the UK and the server is in the US. Other US-based WordPress sites don’t seem slow from here, though.

    Would anyone be good enough to try a few of the pages at The top part of the pages seem to load okay, then there is a bit of a wait until the sidebar and footer complete the page.

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  • On my regular DSL connection, it fully loaded instantaneously. I can only wish mine was that slow 😉

    Thanks. Did you try clicking back and forth through a few of the pages? And are you in the UK or the US?

    works perfectly – and fast – I’m in Europe

    Checked all pages and most links within pages. I’m in the US.

    For me here, it doesn’t seem quite as fast as a test version of Kubrick also located in the US. Perhaps the WordPress calendar is slowing it down, or it could be the host. There is definitely a lag compared with my own UK-hosted WordPress site.

    The WordPress core is untouched and the theme is an only slightly modified Kubrick. I will see how it performs tomorrow.

    Try a tracert to see if it is the network route that is slowing things down, the site loads instantly for me although there seems to be some missing images.

    Thanks. Some images were missing (now restored). The pages are still slow from the UK.

    Ping: Average = 165 ms – this seems long.
    Traceroute showed several hops of over 160 ms.

    I’m not sure what my options are, other than to move host to the UK.

    Took a bit to generate the page and then it spit it out instantly.

    For test purposes, add this to your footer:

    <?php timer_stop(1); ?> seconds

    A useful tip, thanks. I suppose “returns the amount of time to generate the page” could be testing quite a few things along the line.

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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