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  • Hey,

    I just launched a new XHTML/CSS site running WordPress 2.5.1. It’s a mostly static site but I’ve taken advantage of Pages, Posts, and Links, as well as some custom page templates.

    Jacksonville Bankruptcy Lawyer

    I’d welcome any feedback on the site and its design.


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  • nice colours, like the layout, menu looks good, would be nice if header image changed tho, maybe different image for each page or random, image change, the copy right and disclaimer links, bottom right, look crowded

    Free this… call us for free that… then some honking colourful credit card icons, wtf for?

    Are you selling anything online?

    Ivonic, please keep your ignorance of simple business practices to yourself. As for the site, it looks great.




    lol, chill dude — he didnt say anything hes not entitled to say, OR allowed to. who the hell are you anyway, the “ive been here 15 minutes so now I am the post police” police?

    Hes wondering why there are credit cards on the site — EYE wondered too, AND it’s a fair question given the fact that WE are the intended audience. Perhaps, you dont understand that ppl hitting a site need to understand the context in which they see things?

    I think the point to be made about “free” and “credit cards” is .. if it’s free, why do you need CC info?

    And “Click to receive a free…” Just say “Receive a free…” and the link is as it should be. People know to click on a link; say something more meaningful than “Click here.” (By doing that, you are missing another great opportunity for good keywording, too.)

    Also, the buttons and CC images that are below that are hogging valuable real estate “above the fold” that is better used for the firm’s latest news, IMHO.

    NEVER have a live site say it’s “under construction.” All web sites by definition are (or should be) dynamic and constantly changing. That’s a bit different than just missing information. Go ahead and use the handy cFormsII plugin to craft a complex “Evaluation” form that users can submit. In the meantime, drop the “under construction” jargon. It does not inspire faith. Leaving it off doesn’t detract because you already have the invitation to contact the firm for the free evaluation. Make sense?

    Other than that, it’s a very nice, clean design; reminds me a bit of the kind of legal web sites that turns out.

    Just on the discussion of credit cards, perhaps it might an idea to leave the credit card icons off the frontpage?

    Regarding the credit card logos: They are not selling anything online, and they do offer a completely free consultation/evaluation.
    Those icons are there to show potential clients that the law firm does indeed accept credit cards (it is my understanding that some do not). Can you think of a better way to communicate this?

    @jonimueller: good advice regarding “click”. I wasn’t using “click” as the anchor text but it was still unnecessary.

    The “coming soon” was there for only a few days on one page. It is gone now – the evaluation form is live.

    Thanks and feel free to let me know of any more thoughts!

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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