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  • With the latest WordPress SEO by Yoast update, you can’t edit the SEO Title for an article. Mr. Yoast, please return to the old way of populating that field.

    With this update, the field is pre-populated with a greyed-out post title. When you put the cursor in there to edit it, you cannot select any of the text. So, you have to type or cut & paste manually. The other way was much better.

    I find I often have to edit that field. Sometimes the title is too long, or, as it includes the site title, sometimes that has to be removed, if it’s too long. I also like to edit it for other reasons.

    Maybe you could give the option to use it the old way in the plugin’s preferences?

    Meanwhile, is there a way to change this that anyone is aware of?

    Otherwise, great plugin!

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  • We create our own themes so they are essentially the same across all sites and we have the same SEO and video SEO plugins installed. However, the 1.4.3 plugin still works on the older sites but not on one we just created. The video SEO plugin requires authorization and this plugin behaves like it also needs authorization.

    I logged into his support site and entered a report about this issue but no response.

    In any case Joost has been good with updates and support in the past so he must be on vacation in Fiji.

    Same issue for me. I can still change the SEO title for the articles published before the update but not for the new ones.

    You CAN edit the SEO Title.
    Put your pointer in the text field,
    Click and a number of other titles that you have used will appear.
    Select any title (does not matter which one)
    Now you can edit the SEO title

    Let me know if this works.

    chrisssmit, this worked if I clicked the space bar! Space bar cleared the field.Thanks!

    Hey DJ, that worked for me! Who would have thunk it? However I am still very concerned that Joost has not responded to anything including tweets. I was thinking of purchasing his local SEO plugin but have some doubts now.

    Glad it worked. I am certain he is either working on a fix or is not available. He does not ignore or neglect stuff.

    Ah, it’s a Dutch thing. 🙂

    I’m Dutch, so that must be it 😉

    Glad it’s working now!

    THANK YOU chrissmit!!!

    If any of you have read down this far, then you missed the answer. It’s six posts above this one 😉

    I think Joost was just waiting for one of us to find out how to do this. 😉

    I said in my very first post when I started this thread:

    So, you have to type or cut & paste manually.

    So I don’t know why you’re all so excited that you can hit the spacebar and type in there.

    It is still inferior to the old way, because now, you have to cut & paste to keep the original title in there, IF you want to edit it at all. Before, the original post title was there, but it was editable already.

    For me it doesn´t work what chrissmit suggest. I just started to work with SEO and I only have one title. Nothing happens when I put the pointer in the text field.

    This problem only by one website, by another site I don´t have this problem. Both the same version of SEO plugin.

    I hope someone can help me.

    I found it, yes it is the spacebar which clears the field… as told before by someone…. thanx

    Question for GEM, How can you reverted to older version of SEO. Maybe someone else can answer too.

    None of these suggestions really seem to address the problem. I don’t want to clear the field. I’d like to edit the grayed-out title. No others appear when I click.

    To me, this plugin has still lost some of its ease of use.



    This plugin in it’s current form is broken. I highly suggest those with the same issue leave a review with a star rating according to your experience, perhaps then we’ll get some movement on the issue.

Viewing 15 replies - 16 through 30 (of 36 total)
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