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  • I’m pleased to announce the release of the FeedEntryHeader plugin.

    FeedHeaderEntry allows you to add a customisable copyright statement and the post URL to the TOP of each feed entry.

    If someone finds your post on a splog, they will see the copyright statement BEFORE they read it, work out what’s going on and visit your site to read the original post.

    Having this at the bottom of the post is too late. There’s less chance the reader will take action if they’ve already read the post and some splogs chop the bottom off.

    It won’t stop feed scraping, but it should ensure that a copyright statement and the URL for the original article appear in the scraped content.

    The message is fully customisable. Simple HTML can be used and there are tags allowing you to use site name, site URL, post name, post URL and author name from the WordPress database.

    Further information can be found at the plugin home page (link above).

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