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  • This is my new site, Biff Comics

    Using the latest wordpress version and PHPbay plug in to display the latest comic book listings.

    I also have other sites, Cheap Apple Products however I am thinking about moving away from wordpress towards a custom php amazon affiliate script.

    Has anyone had any success with an ebay/amazon affiliate blog/website?

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  • You need to sort out the site’s speed. Its horrific. You’re going to loose loads of visitors from that and Google will hold that against your page rank.
    Check out the Google Speed Tool to get some tips:-

    Layout and design are cool. But as an affiliate site, what do you offer users, that they wouldn’t get from just going to ebay and typing in a search phrase? I suspect you’re going to struggle to get decent search engine ranking and visitors, without some unique content to draw punter in.

    I’ve recently started out with ebay partner network, with some reasonable results. My sites are and

    Yes, the page loading is a bit too slow, in fact your apple blog did not even opened… i went through your comics blog and overall, it looks good. You can improve on the header, perhaps if you get a custom logo, it will look better. You are having too many ebay listings, so the page load will suffer due to that… try putting fewer number of products on a page, that might help.

    Just keep adding more content, try to write bigger and your rankings will improve. WordPress is excellent for any kind of site, but for getting more traffic, and in your case, perhaps sales too, you need to keep writing quality articles,


Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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