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    Just a little insight to what is on our task list for 2013 and I’ll explain why it has something to do with Easy CSV Importer…in a way.

    We’ve focused on creating plugins that can be adapted into other plugins easily. This means a menu system, a log system, diagnostics system etc. A lot of things to quickly configure each new plugin and quickly find faults.

    1. First we used CSV 2 POST to create Easy CSV Importer
    2. Now we are going to use ECI to make the next plugin

    So Many Importer Plugins!
    For good reason. We provide import solutions to some big customers. Over the years we have created a huge list of requested features. Some are advanced, some are simple, some will almost be projects on their own. So we realized we had two options. Make a single CSV importer that targets a certain type of user, usually that would be the average user. Or we make multiple plugins.

    We tried making one plugin that suits all and it gets messy. The interface needs to adapt and be smart. Which is fine. It was fun. But not suitable for WordPress, not until WordPress offers more in the admin and save us from adding bells & whistles ourselves.

    Plugin Family Explained

    1. CSV 2 POST: this is our more advanced plugin. Not just in terms of what it does but it has many functions and designs to help it adapt on demand. Even the free edition includes an extension ability. We provide a niche service with this plugin for businesses that have unique needs.
    2. Easy CSV Importer: this one is a no brainer. We needed an easy plugin. It still offers more than free plugins but the interface is very simple. We reduced the number of screens, CSV 2 POST has many for the sake of grouping features. We have removed from the advanced abilities CSV 2 POST offers such as multiple CSV files in one project. Still a very powerful importer.
    3. Next Importer: you might think after creating the complex plugin and the simplistic one. We would be finished and ready to move on to other plugins. Nope! Our two plugins focus on post creation. The one to come will focus on migration. Migrating from other CMS and migrating plugin data from one WordPress to another i.e. shopping cart data. This plugin will look a lot like Easy CSV Importer but it will not allow ANY .csv file to be used like CSV 2 POST and ECI does. Instead it will expect specific .csv files with specific headers to ensure all requirements by the receiving database are met.

    Another Migration Plugin!?
    Nothing wrong with more and WebTechGlobal is still young. That means these plugins will be focused on and well supported for a very long time to come. Something that cannot be said by some of the current popular plugins with many unanswered questions in their forums.

    As always we have some unique ideas of our own so it won’t really be just another migration plugin. Also I don’t think there is a general migration plugin. Most focus on migrating from a specific source to WordPress database tables. Our plugin, which is already planned in detail. Will help avoid WordPress users getting stuck when it comes to shutting down old sites but wishing to use their data on news ones. It’s about not having years of collected data sitting around doing nothing because other tools aren’t up for the job.

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