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  • Hi,

    Yep nice and clean. good going.
    Title tag cant do much for your seo though

    Thanks for that tip. Honestly. I’m doing a lot of backend tweaking and SEO is in my radar. About to change my .ico, too.

    I love your layout, and all of the pictures–they really caught my eye. great job!!

    Thanks, ferriwinkle.
    I’m glad you like it. Thank you for the kind words of encouragement. Do you have a blog up? I’d like to take a peep. Hopefully I will get to check out more blogs from the community sooner, rather than later…

    Hiya..nice and attractive website…but i think the Flickr feed photos section should open in new tab because it’s creating a bit confusion jumping from to

    Thanks for that input. I was debating for the longest time what to do. Originally, that link opened to a page and then I had a little description with a link to Flickr. I think I’ll go back to that approach. I’ll have it changed by later today.

    Thanks for checking me out!

    It looks really good, clean and professional. 🙂

    The only change I would suggest would be to remove one of the boxes from the right sidebar, since it leaves a gap on the left next to the Flickr box. I would suggest removing the calendar box since it’s the less important one. If you really want to keep it, you can try relocating it somewhere else. I think it would make the layout look more balanced.

    zappafloyd, thanks for checking me out. That blank box, if I understand what you’re referring to, is an AdSense box that wants to misbehave. I ditched the rascal.

    The calendar is an area that I’ve been thinking about. I have the recent posts right under it, which serve a similar function as the calendar, followed by the archives. I’ve been thinking of removing it totally or making a smaller version on the left side, under where I have “Stay Connected!”.

    I’ll fiddle a little bit. Also thinking of consolidating categories tighter so there are less. Same with tags. Unify the content better.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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