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  • I’m pretty proud of what I’ve managed to accomplish with my brand spanking new site.

    There are 2 WordPress installs here: the blog (ignore, this is a standard theme) and the main site, which is using WP as a Content Management System and portfolio.

    The idea was to have an artist site that did not look like a blog, but that did use a similar database for cross-categoried posts and related works (through tags) in a way that could showcase interesting through-lines and trajectories in my pieces. After a lot of research – and not wanting to have to do any database coding on my own – I came to WordPress as my best choice for a starting point; there are no changes to the WordPress core at all (just a very, very customized theme and a bunch of plugins) – check it out:

    Feedback welcome and encouraged!

    Once I got going, I could not resist some add-on features:
    . custom field for thumbnail images in index and archives
    . custom field for ambiguous dating (like “Jan – Mar 2004”)
    . custom field for medium (“video installation”)
    . custom field for “post-specific” sidebar — note that I do _not_ mean “single posts” sidebar. I mean that I can put content in the sidebar of one specific post as I see fit. I often use these for multi-page posts (for direct links to video or images), or for external links in the case of exhibition sites or
    . special “press” category — posts to this category only appear in the press section, which is listed under pages rather than categories
    . uses fun plugins – easytube, lightbox and slickr gallery (to pull flickr images), search pages, related posts (i do not show my tags in the works, but use them to drive this plugin), quicktime embed, and a few very very simple ones I wrote myself for optimization of art entries and to work out a few kinks in the theme (I only know limited PHP, which I learned through writing a couple of wordpress themes).

    And of course, the whole site is xhtml, css and accessibility compliant, and has RSS and Atom feeds for new press and artworks.

    The theme and site have a few hard-coded bits and necessary settings, so it’s not exactly portable right now. I’m a little themed/php’ed out for the moment, but if there are any keen coders who’d be interested in talking wish-list, time-frame and open source release of this as a theme/plug-in/add-on type thing, gimme a holler through the site, I’m totally game. And if you just want the code to look at, also not a problem – mail me.

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