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    Was wondering if there’s an ETA for when the plugin will be made compatible with wp 3.5. Although it works with 3.5, it uses the old media uploader. Are there plans to move to the new media uploader? Understand that 3.5 came out just yesterday, but love the plugin and hoping it will be updated for 3.5.

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  • I completely second that notion. I should never have updated 🙁

    Plugin Author Peter Chester


    Thanks for the positive words about the plugin!

    Since the WP 3.5 image update is supposedly reverse compatible, and none of our paying clients offered to pay for the upgrade, and no one has offered any fixes from the community, this has been relatively low on our priority list.

    That said, I seem to be getting a number of bug reports that may or may not be actual conflicts with this upgrade. I’m eager to get them fixed but as yet no one has offerend any information to help me isolate the bugs and I can’t reproduce them myself.

    Any help is appreciated. Otherwise, there’s not really an ETA, just a casual effort to poke at this in my spare time.

    My company is interested in paying for the upgrade. How can I contact you to discuss a quote?

    Have played around with this some more and the basic problem I’m having is getting the image uploader to allow animated gif files to work in the sidebar. used to work easily. A serious problem for our site. Image Widget can import the gif but once the gif is saved, it stops being animated and only the first picture shows

    Plugin Author Modern Tribe, Inc.


    Great news! We’ve got a beta of a 3.5+ compatible version of the widget. We need some qa testing. If you’re up for it, please install the latest development version of the image widget on your development site and try it out.


    Things that we are particularly concerned with testing include:
    * Making sure that previously installed images don’t change.
    * Making sure that you can edit and update existing images as well as add new ones.

    Thanks for the feedback in advance!

    Thanks! I’ll have a chance Monday to test and will get back to you as soon as possible with any issues I run into.

    Plugin Author Modern Tribe, Inc.


    Thank you @dudekpj!

    Thank you for working on this

    Plugin Author Modern Tribe, Inc.


    @dudekpj, re the funding of this upgrade, we’re already $3500 into this upgrade and are doing it without any sponsors. If your company wants to pitch in, we’d be delighted, but obviously most of the work is now already done.

    As it happens, we get very very few donations. Probably something on the order of $100 per year. But we do have a donation link set up all the same 🙂

    In any case, thanks for the support!

    Plugin Author Modern Tribe, Inc.


    FYI, no one has submitted any bug reports (aside from @webaware‘s comment about SSL filters). For all those folks who have been commenting about wanting this upgraded… it would be very helpful if you could help with testing.

    Everything looks good to me while testing. The only thing I noticed was that the image attributes are no longer updated in the widget after an update. Although, when you first upload the image, the attributes populate the widget fields appropriately. For instance, the image title fills in the widget image title when the image is first uploaded, but any updates to the image after that keep the original title.

    Found a small typo too, in image-widget.php, there’s text that says “Select and Image”. Needs changed to “Select an Image”

    Plugin Author Modern Tribe, Inc.


    Thanks @dudekpj!

    The fact that all the fields don’t update is actually a feature. I’ve heard a lot of frustration around the fields always updating so we changed the js to only update the fields if they are empty.

    I’ve updated the typo. Great catch!!!

    Thanks for all the work on the plugin, other than those couple of issues, it’s working great!

    When will the new version? Thanks for your work you are the best

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