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    The BDP List Widget is a general purpose sidebar widget for a list of user-defined text and links. It could be used to create an index or directory for your blog. Up to 9 different lists can be created. Lists must have less than 15 elements.

    This Widget (plus a couple of others I have written) means that the sidebar on my blog has been reduced to just 5 lines and a php call to dynamic_sidebar().

    Alpha Version 0.0.1 for WordPress 2.2 released on 20 May 2007: The plugin is here. You can see the plugin at work on that page too.

    Hyperlinks can be provided as either WordPress post/page numbers or as a URL.

    Known glitches: doesn't look so sweet with the Tiger or SpotMilk administration themes. I will need to unpick some of the CSS those guys put in place.

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