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  • alexcsidb


    I did a re-design on When I transferred the database over it looks like the members are a bit out of date than some of the lists shes been curating. I confirmed I am referencing the same list but the list I am referencing is not an updated one.

    I have an export of the old site’s database and an export of the new site’s database. My plan was to delete the amr tables from the new site and copy the old site’s amr tables to the new to get the most updated lists.

    Is this a bad idea? Is there a better way to do this?

    The client also gave me the excel exports of the two lists she curates. Is there a way I can import them and they will update/remove old or out of date entries from the current list?

    Sorry if none of this made sense.

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  • Plugin Author anmari


    Have you refreshed the cache? In your redesign did you change the fields being used?

    To show the old data it has to either

    • be accessing the old data in the cache tables OR
    • when you redesigned you changed the fields being used but the old fields are still in the db and in the list and thus it looks like old data being shown




    Ok so I was able to recover the list the client is using by importing the amr tables from the old site. I do believe the headings were changed at one point as well.

    The issue is this list has a bunch of fields I don’t need for this portion of the website. All I need is the company name and a link for that company name to go to their website.

    I tried making a copy of the list but then the copy reverts back to its old entries. I have rebuilt the cache multiple times.

    Is there anyway I can reference the list my client is curating but limit it to just company name with the name being a hyperlink to company? Any help would be appreciated.



    Well all of a sudden the list I recovered is bringing back old entries again. Ughhh:(

    Plugin Author anmari


    HI Alex, yes headings can be confusing if you’ve made updates and deleted fields – best to not use unless for some reason, you need to have a ‘heading’ that is different from the ‘nicename’ of the field. Best to reset the headings.

    Note: It is very quick to make a list. Make a new list, choose the fields you want, delete the old lists. Make sure the shortcode references the list you want to use. It really cannot access old data all by itself magically – it will be showing whatever the list you are using has been configured to show.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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