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  • hazelstutorials


    Hi Tafts,

    I really like the minimalist design approach – I would like to see a bit more colour to emphasise your larger fonts – maybe a green or another colour that compliments your featured portfolio project?

    Looks great overall *thumbs up*




    I like it.It needs more colors and it would be a bit better if it had SexyBookmarks (



    Thanks for the feedback guys.

    @hazelstutorials I had thought about adding a little color, I like the idea of adding a color to compliment the featured project, which could change depending on the project maybe….

    @biscoolcool, yeah I was going to use SexyBookmarks, but I don’t think they work with overall design I was trying to achieve, too flashy



    Tafts, I would be really interested to see how the colour will work – I think it would be a great lift to an already great design layout!





    Very nice site! Some observations:
    – You can add “Search engine optimization” to the “standing out” list, it looks like there is just a spot for that. And since you use wordpress, performing SEO tasks will be a breeze 🙂
    – I agree with the people here talking about some small colour enhancements. I don’t think you need to change the font colour, although it would be nice that headings would change accordingly to the dominating colours in your graphics. Also: try adding image hovers to footer icons, add hovers to the list (when mouse is over turn the tick green).



    You can try adding a lightbox effect to the images in your portfolio. Its jQuery and you have 4 style options to choose from. If you click a thumbnail, it pops up and expands to a larger image. You can look it up to see a demo of it: jQuery lightbox image galleries



    It needs something else weather thats color or just breaking the mold of the horizontal alignment of everything.

    It’s a really great site, again very minimalist, although I don’t see your design abilities when I first hit the site. If there was a hint or a teaser of your site on the main page, I’d be more likely to go through to the portfolio (which I did anyways…)

    Looks ok and functional. Of course nowadays the surfers are cruel, always asking, couldn’t get any better?
    For me the trick to have this all at once in the bag is a video message.
    As soon you address people as person you are done. People hire you when knowing who you are as person. Therefore you have in any successful advertisement a person. Just my two cents worth.

    Dear Tafts,

    Great site with nice theme style.

    Hey guys,

    Thanks for all the feedback. After not looking at it for a couple of weeks, I couldn’t agree more that it needed a little colour. I haven’t had too much time recently to work on it, but I have added a little colour to the site. Your thoughts??

    I am trying to put some time aside to make some other big changes I have planned, but you know how it is.


    more color will be better
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    In my opinion, very nice with a simple approach.

    In desperate need of some color. Also being a front end developer, you could try adding some nice JQuery trinkets. I understand it bloats the loading time, but creates an impression.

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Viewing 14 replies - 1 through 14 (of 14 total)
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