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    hello. i have a problem i’ve never ran into before.

    i uploaded a new template to my host ( and haven’t done much to it. just created a few pages.

    here is my problem, i made a menu for the 4 pages i have so far, but when i try to actually put the menu onto the pages, it won’t go. i go to Appearance > Menus. in theme location i select my menu from the drop down list and click save. but it doesn’t actually save. when i go back to that page it is as if i never set the menu bar. it doesn’t appear on the top of my pages.

    i have tried different browsers on both PC and Mac. i really don’t know why this is isn’t working.

    the template i am running is called “Green Earth – Environmental WordPress Theme” if that makes a difference


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    Can you switch to the twentytwelve theme and see if that works for the menu? Also try deactivating your plugins.

    all plugins are deactivated. switching to the twentytwenty theme worked. i can see the menu with this theme.

    does that mean my theme is no good? it seems odd since it had stellar reviews from hundreds of users.



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    Some themes set up the menu differently so you might want to check on that. Or there might be a conflict with a plug. Try your theme with no plugins and if it’s okay, activate them one by one – testing after each one.

    If it doesn’t work at all, you’ll need to ask the developer. (Maybe those reviews were older? Is the theme definitely compatible with WP3.5+ ?

    i had all the widgets disabled. however, i figured out the problem. WordPress was simply not writing anything to the header.php file.
    this is what i did:

    find the section that codes for the navigation bar retrieval. the code looks different in different themes but works pretty much the same way. in my case it looked like this:

    <!-- Navigation -->
    				<div class="navigation-wrapper">
    					<div class="responsive-navigation-wrapper">
    						<!-- Get Responsive Navigation -->
    						<?php if( $gdl_is_responsive ){ dropdown_menu( array('dropdown_title' => '-- Main Menu --', 'indent_string' => '- ', 'indent_after' => '','container' => 'div', 'container_class' => 'responsive-menu-wrapper', 'theme_location'=>'main_menu') );	} ?>
    					<div class="main-navigation-wrapper">
    						<!-- Get Navigation -->
    						<?php wp_nav_menu( array('container' => 'div', 'container_class' => 'menu-wrapper', 'container_id' => 'main-superfish-wrapper', 'menu_class'=> 'sf-menu',  'theme_location' => 'main_menu' ) ); ?>
    					<div class="clear"></div>
    				<div class="clear"></div>

    replace anything that says ‘theme_location’ with the name of the theme, in my case ‘greenearth’

    that got the menu to come up on the web pages. but the “Theme Locations” drop down list used to select the desired Menu still does not work in Appearance>Menus

    Looks like the issue stems from the fact that the Green Earth theme doesn’t work well with the latest versions of WordPress. I hope that anyone who has the same issue finds this thread so they don’t have to bash their heads against the wall like i did

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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