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    Thanks for your support on your plugin so far (under my other ID, DGR1192).

    I have had some good success with the plugin so far but am still trying to figure out some differences in how it is implemented.

    This page ( ) uses the shortcode: [gdoc key=”0ApS1onza63hmdDN6aXRTbkxmRnNfVUk3MHNmUTNtdmc”], which works fine as seen on the page.

    The issues I am having: (using version plugin 0.4.2)


    Basic question: Should I be sticking to old Google sheets to use this plugin? In your support forum, you mention that the new Google is not entirely supported by the plugin. My usage is to publish singles sheets, sometimes with filtering and sometimes without (class=”no-datatables”)


    Sometimes, likely to do with new vs. old Google sheets, when I produce a new single sheet in Google docs, it doesn’t give me the same key as above but it gives me the link:

    Your instructions say to embed this type of link with the shortcode as follows:

    [gdoc key=””%5D

    But when I use this shortcode, nothing appears as (not) seen in this page:
    Is this to do with the New Googles Sheets again?


    On this page,, you’ll see the same table that was inserted on but the filtering has been automatically disabled. This is now happening with new tables I insert with the format: [gdoc key=”0ApS1onza63hmdDN6aXRTbkxmRnNfVUk3MHNmUTNtdmc”]

    Under that table, I inserted one built with Old Google sheets and it worked but it also has the filtering removed.

    Do you know why the filtering is removed? Could this have something to do with a plugin conflict with another plugin?

    Hope you can help.


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    1. Yes, if you can, use the old Google Spreadsheets. The new Google Spreadsheets are changing relatively quickly, more quickly than I can keep up. They work with this plugin in only the simplest of use cases and are provided only as a convenience for those simple use cases.
    2. Correct, the different URL format is one of the telltale signs of a new versus old Google Spreadsheet. When you have a link like it’s a “new” Google Spreadsheet. In your Google Spreadsheet editor (in Google Drive), there should be a link that allows you to revert that spreadsheet back to the “old” style. After you do that, the public link for the published spreadsheet should look something like, which is the same spreadsheet but in the old Google Docs format. You used to be able to convert spreadsheets created in the “new” format to those of the “old” format, but I don’t know if you can still do this?
    3. There is an error occurring on your page in which the “filtering” (really “DataTables”) are being applied caused by the fact that the very first table that you’re pulling in has an empty <thead> and <tbody> element. This is probably because of the “new” Google Spreadsheets output, so try adding a gid=1 parameter to the shortcode that’s producing that table. The gid attribute tells the plugin to pull in one and only one table (whichever is in the nth position given by the gid attribute value).

    Let me know if this helps?

    It looks like as Google moves to make the new Google Spreadsheets the default, or removes the possibility to revert to the old spreadsheets, I’ll have to update the plugin, but I don’t know exactly when I’ll have the time to do that. I am currently homeless and live out of my car, so how much time I have to devote to this project varies wildly given my current circumstances.

    Plugin Author Meitar


    Haven’t heard from you in a number of days so I’m assuming my latest response helped resolve the issue for you.

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    Thanks for following up. The plugin works well. I’m concerned about Google changing things up but for now it works.

    I think you should package it up and sell it in Themeforest. If you look at Tablespress and WP Datatables, many users are asking for Google integration and you’re already doing it. Thanks again.

    Plugin Author Meitar


    Yeah, I dislike when Google breaks compatibility, too. Please let me know if Google does change in such a way as the plugin stops working for you.

    Also, I appreciate the apparent care behind the suggestion that I should sell this software, but I do not sell software. I do not sell anything. I believe selling is a fundamentally unethical and corrupting process. I will not sell anything. This software is free because all software and other tools that make people’s lives better should always be free, forever.

    If you like this plugin, or any of my plugins, please feel free to share it with anyone who you think would find it useful, including and perhaps especially the people who are asking for this kind of integration on ThemeForest. 🙂

    For more about why I am so adamant about this, please read my homepage at

    It seems the New Google Sheets is default, because I never chose to use them and now I can’t switch back.

    So, I tried what was recommended with no success:

    [gdoc key=""]

    When I looked at the source, it seems like it was only importing this line, which is basically an empty table:

    <table id="igsv-" class="igsv-table" summary="Google Spreadsheet"><thead>

    I’m hoping this can be easily fixed!

    Plugin Author Meitar


    It looks like your published spreadsheet, acornrevolution, isn’t like the other tables I’ve seen Google outputting. Specifically, there’s only one <table> element in the public HTML. This may means Google’s changed the way they’re publishing tables, or it may mean they’re experimenting with different ways to publish tables.

    In any event, for your specific case, you can try commenting out line 65 of the plugin so that it reads:


    I’ll update the plugin to work with the new Google Spreadsheets eventually, but again, I really want to wait until they stop changing things so much so frequently. I imagine they will (if they haven’t already?).

    If someone has the resources to survey a bunch of public Google Spreadsheets using the “new” sheets and let me know if there’s truly widespread consistency, I’d appreciate that. I just don’t have the time to focus 100% on this plugin right now and that just means it might take a while before I jump back into this myself.

    As usual, patches welcome.

    Hi having the same problems with the new Google Sheets. Have created a new spreadsheet and can’t get it to feed through. Still using a spreadsheet from the old Google and at the moment it’s still working, but Google says they’re all going to get converted at some point. Bit worried the tables on my site – – which make very good use of your plugin will disappear one day. Bloody Google!

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