• New versions are worst. For first – can’t restore to txt and load in other project. Why?? Old version (Cform) could do it. Second – troubles with sending emails. Old version could include SMTP data, now need third-part plugin. Third – troubles with captcha. New version need third-part plugin.

    Then problems in generating html, now option “select” generate to frontend classical “select” (display:none) and (i don’t know why) active ul-li structure…
    I’m really crazy about it.

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    The answer to the questions in your first paragraph is: Simplifying the code base and throwing out stuff that is not needed by everyone is key to guarantee better quality and security (!) in the future.

    E.g. the usage of wp_mail() (current) instead of PHPMailer + mail() (old) integrates better with WordPress and gets rid of a dependency that WordPress itself has anyway. The old PHPMailer that cformsII used is vulnerable to many security issues.

    About the CAPTCHA: The old cformsII CAPTCHA was pointless, as you can easily circumvent it. So it is far better to have a functional additional plugin than relying on a vulnerable CAPTCHA.

    The 14.6 code base (where cforms2 was forked from the original) is blown up and really bad. By the way, you can still copy forms from one project to another by editing debug output in general settings.

    I do not understand your second paragraph. Maybe it is an issue I am not aware of.

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