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  • WP Cerber was the best security plugin out there, when it was lightweight and without over-excessive notifications. We used to love this plugin.

    Update after update we have tolerated some things, but enough is enough. The most annoying things so far:

    – Notification/information boxes that take half of the macbook screen (usually more than one)
    – Other information boxes pop up after earlier is dismissed
    – Every update pops up the notification boxes again
    – Updates enable options that were not previously selected (for example masking the wp-admin when it was disabled earlier)
    – Some update prevented WP Rest API from working which causes problems for example with Contact Form 7 = no possible to send any feedback or inquiry, loss of sales for customers, very bad!
    – Immediately lock out with wrong username -option was disabled before, but then enabled again after update
    – Unnecessary emails go directly to the customer
    – …and many more.
    – No warnings in changelog about these whatsoever!

    On top of this, when we deactivated the plugins, got flood of emails about deactivations. This is also a new notification that was not previously present.

    We used WP Cerber with numerous customer sites, but never again. Will concentrate more server-side. Some say security plugins cause more problems that solves them, that is true, also with WP Cerber. I wanted to belive…

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  • Plugin Author Gregory


    Thanks for your great review!

    Unfortunately, the plugin doesn’t use any pop-up notifications at all. All plugin notification boxes utilize default WordPress admin styles and have the same style and size as normal WordPress notifications.

    The plugin doesn’t send any email to any customer because there is no such feature at all. The plugin keeps informed the admin of a website by sending notification emails, but this feature can be turned off or you can set alternative emails for notifications and reporting.

    The bug with settings has been fixed a week ago, and it’s clearly described in the Changelog:

    Please, make your money with another free security plugin. You should find hundreds of them with no updates at all.

    Thread Starter Roni Laukkarinen


    Gioni, thanks for the answer. Notifications != popups, I never talked about popups, I meant indeed the boxes that follow WordPress-guidelines (despite being too wall-of-texty). Not necessary to have most of them at all.

    The plugin sends emails to the admin who usually is the site owner. It should not be defaulted to send email without separate setting. In fact, there should NOT be “enabled by default” settings at all, when it comes to security. You should let the user decide which features to enable, not other way around (which features to disable) when it come sto this type of plugin.

    I repeat, “Can be turned off” is unacceptable. More like “can be turned on if needed” would be sufficient enough. Don’t get upset with one of the few negative reviews, this is here just to point out the things that in my opinion should be taken into consideration when offering a plugin that updates often. Have a nice day!

    Plugin Author Gregory


    Other information boxes pop up after earlier is dismissed

    If a box, like you said, pops up that means a pop-up box. Maybe you mean to display. Anyway, if something is dismissed it’s dismissed. There are no messages in the plugin that was dismissed and then magically became un-dismissed. As well as there are no pop-up messages. I’m too grown to cheat users.

    I do not create a piece of DIY code. I create a solution you might not like. When it comes to WordPress security there should be a set of options and features that enabled by default. This is a piece of experience that I share with users. If you are an experienced user, you can change them in no time and then, if you need, export setting to other sites. My solutions offer flexibility and performance that other can’t.

    I’m not upset with the review at all because you should. Good luck with another security plugin!

    Hey Roni and Gioni – sorry to intrude, but for the sake of others considering this plugin I felt compelled to do so.

    Roni, I’ve used Cerber for over a year now, and am the owner/admin of my site. I have to say, I’ve never felt like Cerber took up too much space on my dashboard, and I think the only time I get emails is when I disable the plugin, which I would consider an essential email to receive.

    Try as I might, I cannot understand your complaint, and even if I consider that everyone has different needs/wants, I still don’t understand a one-star rating and your advice to ‘Avoid this plugin.’ In my mind, this plugin is a jewel, and your advice is a disservice to the WP community.

    Quick example of jewel-ness: I was recently evaluating user tracking plugins that reported logins. I ended up looking seriously at one highly-rated plugin that was a ‘gateway’ to a fairly pricey service. But the login data that Cerber records and allows you to filter (Traffic > Advanced Search) is just SO much more useful and lightweight. I didn’t even know it was there until I looked for it, and it’s über-useful.

    Gioni, thank you for all your hard work in continuing to update your plugin while keeping it lightweight, smart and clever. I use far too many plugins on my site, but yours is one of maybe three I simply couldn’t do without. Thank you!

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