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    Our Dear Users,

    I sincerely, apologize for the delay in response. We redeveloped the plugin just for you, for a better user experience.

    We wanted to make the workflow easier for businesses. The team came together to understand why should a business suffer because of not knowing what their customers were thinking.

    We improved the plugin by listening to our customers, we then developed features that will help solve the problems of our users. By listening closely to them, we’ve rebuilt a robust plugin that will enable any organization to enhance their customer experience. Today, MooWoodle enables bulk-puchase of courses. It is compatible with the latest version of Moodle, WordPress, and Woocommerce. The username and password will also be emailed to the customer after a successful purchase. We have also added a link to our Moodle-based plugin for auto-enrolment, which you can use for free. This growth is not a coincidence but the result of hard work, sleepless nights and attention to our cultural values. Here are our cultural values which we developed learning from our users.

    Thank you.

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    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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    Dear all,

    After the users receive the order-complete email, they need to click the link of the course or courses that they bought (Please click this link)

    It will then create and enroll the users in their courses.

    They can then access the courses using the username and password sent via email.



    As I stated in my messages in a separate thread, the email that you call “order-complete” is NOT being sent! That email is not even in the list of emails that WooCommerce is supposed to send.

    Once again, everything worked through version 1.3 of the plugin. Afterwards, the “order-complete” email disappeared from the list and is never being sent. Furthermore, the user is never created in Moodle.



    First: that’s not what 2.1 did on our site. It auto enrolled the wrong students.

    Second: if that is the way you are going, we can’t use it. Our students emails wind up in spam too often and even when they don’t, you can’t expect 100% to click any link. That’s not how users work…

    Hi, after upgrade, plugin cant create new users into moodle, and i get this error on wp, the plugin is installed and configured on moodle.

    “This plugin needs to be installed on your Moodle site after installing this MooWoodle plugin to enable the course enrolment feature.– Click here”

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    Enable debug into the site i get this when syncronize.

    04-Mar-2020 15:29:33 UTC] PHP Warning: session_start(): Cannot start session when headers already sent in /var/www/
    odle.php on line 34

    Other bug is with
    get_woocommerce_term_meta from 3.6. of woocomerce is get_term_meta
    update_woocommerce_term_meta from 3.6. of woocomerce is update_term_meta

    To download 1.3 version

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    I also have the same problem. The link in the order doesn’t seem to work I get the following:

    “0”]Introduction to Academic Writing[/moowoodle]

    which cannot be clicked upon.

    Also, I have got the Moodle Plug-in installed and enabled, and yet it still doesn’t enrol the new purchaser.

    Please help

    I’ve figured out my problem…basically a case of RTFM!!

    Once I input the moowoodle code at the beginning of each product, everything was fine.

    One suggestion/question thoough…is is possible to make this automatic? Previous versions automatically created the users in Moodle that they could login with the standard password and then change it after they logged in.

    For now, I have changed the Product HTML Email Template to notify users to click on the link.

    Another suggestion, can the documents be updated in the WordPress Plugn Details (from with the plugin on any wordpress site), because it seems to only have ‘most’ of the instructions, I had to spend quite a lot of time finding the information.

    Good luck to the others!! I hope you all fix your issues.

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    @littlez @cmenghi @josiah-s-carberry

    We are working on new version so that the users or admins can control the process more easily.

    Thank you.



    Hi, I need help with connecting my Woocommerce to Moodle. I did follow all the steps, and went back over them carefully. Is there somewhere I can look for a detailed log that might indicate the problem?
    The error message I get when I try to sync in WordPress dashboard under Syncronise – Syncronise is “Error! Your moodle site might not configured properly.”



    The logs from the server show the following. I obscured the url’s and the ip address and the token with xxxxxx but you can see where the attempt was made. – – [29/Mar/2020:11:23:51 -0500] “GET / HTTP/1.1” 200 8119 “” “WordPress/5.3.2;” – – [29/Mar/2020:11:25:12 -0500] “POST /webservice/rest/server.php?wstoken=xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx&wsfunction=core_course_get_categories&moodlewsrestformat=json HTTP/1.1” 403 0 “” “WordPress/5.3.2;” – – [29/Mar/2020:11:38:27 -0500] “POST /webservice/rest/server.php?wstoken=xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxe&wsfunction=core_course_get_categories&moodlewsrestformat=json HTTP/1.1” 403 0 “” “WordPress/5.3.2;”



    I figured it out! I needed to “enable web services for mobile devices” on the Moodle site. It was under
    Site administration
    Mobile app
    Mobile settings
    I am not using any mobile apps and if this was in the instructions, I missed it. Thought I would post here in case anyone else gets stuck.

    Hello everyone, look on facebook for any group on this plugin but I did not find it, so I created one, in order to help each other, I leave the link:

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    Thanks, @fernando1991 for the initiative.
    We really appreciate it. We will be totally active on all forums and platforms to help you all with the queries in the coming weeks.

    Thank you.

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