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  • Sociable 3.5

    A new version of Sociable (v3.5) is available, here’s what’s new:

    • The icons now load in a CSS Sprites, allowing for faster download times.
    • These services have been discontinued: BlogMeme FR, BlogMeme SP, co.mments,,,
    • You can now add links to your browser favorites.
    • iFrames added for services that support them.
    • You can know unselect the transparency effect on the sociable icons.

    Download it here:

    For feedback, please send us a tweet @blogplaycom or an email at We hope to hear from you!


    The BlogPlay/Sociable Dev Team

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  • Hey guys. Great work on the new version. Especially happy that you’re using CSS sprites now, great move. However, my site stopped validating after this update, and I tracked it down to the latest version of the plugin. I fixed the errors and I’ve uploaded the diff to . Keep up the good work!

    Oh, I’m not sure I fixed them the best way possible, for instance on class=\”sociable-hover\””, it does seem like the \” should be in there, but it ends up leaving an extra ” in the src, which breaks the src. Perhaps somewhere else the extra quote is being inserted, I don’t know. I just did what was necessary to get it quickly validating.

    Hi guys,

    Since the update my custom icons 48×48 are not showing. I guess it’s because the use of sprites.

    How can I solve this to use my custom icons, any simple way? or should I create a sprite image with all the new icons 48×48?

    Thanks for your help


    Same question as above: I would like to use my 48×48 custom icons, but when I attempt to, I screw it up pretty badly.

    What would be the best approach to change to 48×48?

    Much appreciated.


    Another bug found:

    Calling strtolower on “Add to favorites” leaves spaces, which are not allowed in ids. Need to add underscores or something

    And it STILL has the same bug where your using the global $post and then assigning it AGAIN with $post = $wp_query->post;

    So what’s happening is sociable if used in a custom query loop will pull from $wp_query instead of the query that it should be.

    This is wrong, it’s already being read by the global, just remove or comment that line out completely.

    Two things that I noticed with the new update:
    1) If you were using “TwitThis” it appears to have been removed as “Twitter” was made to do the same thing… so uncheck it, and switch to using “Twitter.”

    2) The checkbox for “Open in new window” no longer works… Checked or Unchecked the links open in the same window now.

    The update doesnt work for me.
    My icons are all messed up in groups of 4…?!
    And I can still see some issues with IE.
    Im sticking with previous version for now.

    Same problem here with 32×32 icons, it shows a mixed small icons image instead…

    Thank you all for the feedback! We are looking into it as we speak, and should have a solution for it shortly. Thanks again!

    You really screwed up! Deactivated on sites where I’m using it so clients don’t upgrade. Lets know when you fix it and I might reactivate it. Seriously considering alternatives now.

    We need the ability to work with, tinyurl and link shorteners. Hope that is in the next upgrade. Thanks!

    Great plugin!! I’m using it on my blog. But I feel increasing the size of the icons from 16×16 to 60×60 would be great. I tried replacing the icons in the images folder but it didn’t help. Is there a way we can do it by changing the css or any other means?

    – The XHTML validation problems will be fixed
    – The “target=blank” is fixed, allowing the opening of social networks in new tabs.
    – You can unselect the BlogPlay Status gadget on the WP Dashboard
    – You can choose to not use Sprites, allowing for custom icons

    (If you want to use sprites with your current set of icons you have to modify sprite-services.png and the icon coordinates in sociable.php)

    This version will be released on Monday or Tuesday at the latest, please keep sending us your feedback, through here, Twitter, or at, with as much detail as possible.


    Thanks for the responsiveness, Blogplay people (do you have a name? it seems very distant!).

    I’m waiting for the don’t-use-sprites option, but in general it’s just great to see updates and responsive feedback again. Thanks for taking on Sociable. 🙂


Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 36 total)
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