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    There is now a new version available for download. Features include many of the requested updates.

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  • Hi there,

    I’m really looking forward to working with your plugin. Thanks lots for being responsive to requests and questions.

    First, some things I really like:

    • The registrant name appearing with the event name in PayPal as the item description.
    • The list of multiple events on the Page
    • The “checks payable” info that appears after registration along with PayPal button.
    • List of “where did you hear about us” for selection

    A few wishlist items for the next version:

    1. Max participants: If I can only fit 25 people in a class, it would be great to set a limit to the registrations. If the class is full, it displays “Class Full” next to it, and the link is no longer active.
    2. Full support of no-check policy: I selected “no checks”, but “Cash or check” was listed as an option on the payments for that event. Would be great if it just said “Cash” if I’m not taking checks for that event. Also, the payment page wouldn’t have the Checks Payable information.
    3. Full free event support: I made my event free (price 0), but clicking the Submit button takes them to a payment page. Would be great if it took them to a thanks/confirmation page, or if I could select a page for them to go to
    4. Submit button says “Register Now” or “Register” instead of “Submit”

    It’s only been a day since your latest version, and here I am asking for more. I promise this isn’t a complaint, just excited about what you’ve done so far and making suggestions!

    Oh, and one more thing…
    5. Customize the “Where did you hear from us” dropdown.

    Okay, ‘nuf said. Thanks!

    Most of the changes requested here are now included. Thanks for your input.

    I am running into errors and posted on the wp directory for help as well as tried to email. (The email that was listed along with the plug-in bounced back)

    The error I am getting is

    WordPress database error: [You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near ‘order by sequence’ at line 1]
    SELECT * from wp_events_question_tbl where event_id = order by sequence

    What can I do to fix it?

    Thank you!

    joannaglass @

    The error you posted looks like the event id is not in the query, the line should show up as …where event_id = ‘3’ order by sequence. . . or some other number dependin on the current event selected. I would suggesting removing and adding back the plugin to start.


    – Make it possible to translate the plugin with a .po file.
    – Add a guestlist to an event. If I could have the option to make a list of names and sort them in multiple groups, then choose a group of the guests that are allowed to attend the event. The registration should have a search function that facebook have so when the customer searches for his name he finds it easily.
    – Print the total guestlist to an excel document and a symbol (X) in front of the people who have paid for the event.

    Hi there.

    I set up an event and a form. After the for is submitted this appears at the top of the screen:

    Value String – Value String – I have never played this instrument,Value String – I have never played this instrument,Value String – Host an out-of-town participant for the weekend,Value String – Share a hotel room,

    Your Registration has been added. Please watch your email for a confirmation of registration.

    I’ve Googled and can’t find any mention of this problem.

    Do you know what it could be?


Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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