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    Just updated to v2, the update looks good! Nice interface and options, drop down lists for menu items should make first install much more straightforward rather than trying to get the menu name correct.

    I’m liking the new options and glad to see you’ve implemented a couple of my suggestions such a redirecting to the store front b(rather than the cart) when the cart is empty. Can’t wait to try the pro version out, definitely a few extra options in there that I can take advantage of! 🙂

    One small quirk I’ve found so far though with regards to the menu alignment options and compatibility with the UberMenu plugin. The align left, right or default option doesn’t seem to be working correctly in this setup on my site as the styling is over-ruled by the UberMenu css. So whatever option is selected, the menu layout still looks the same.

    Just had a quick play with the css and I’ve found that adding an !important to the MenuCart code does the trick, ie:

    .wcmenucart-display-right {
    float: right!important;

    So therefore I’ve just added this to my custom css and that does the trick. I assumed the custom css would take priority over the UberMenu css (hence !important wouldn’t be needed) but this wasn’t the case.

    Not really a ‘bug’ with your plugin I know, so I’m posting the above more for info than anything else. The use of the !important tag isn’t best coding practice as I understand it (?) but provides the necessary hack for someone like me with limited knowledge of css!

    Well done on a great update to an already great little plugin :o)

    Regards, James

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  • Ok, so v2 just been released so apologies if it seems a little early to start talking about v2.1, but a few suggestions and ideas from having just updated and reconfigured. Maybe something for your ‘Pro’ version perhaps?…

    How about the ability to change “Start shopping” and “View your shopping cart” hover texts? Personally I would like to set both of these to blank to match the rest of my menu items. Not a big problem, but would be a nice option for easy customisation if this was possible via a couple of text boxes on the settings page.

    Also perhaps the option to change what the menu item says when the shopping cart is empty, say from “0 items” or “£0.00” to “Shop”, “Start shopping” or “Start here” etc?

    Or even to customise the “X items” text. Only a very minor one but I’d like to change it to “X Items” (i.e. capitalise the ‘i’) for consistency across the menu. But maybe others might like “X products”, “Items = X” or some other variant. So a text box with a %items% tag for complete customisation would be ideal.

    Guess the other advantage of these text change options would also be to allow very simple translations.

    Plugin Author Ewout


    Thanks for all of your suggestions James, it’s very good to receive this kind of feedback. We’ll definately look at this for the next version. Meanwhile I’ve added your suggestion for the !important tag to our development version, I’ll see if we can push a 2.0.1 update soon.

    the css tweak to custom.css

    .wcmenucart-display-right {
    float: right!important;

    does not work for me, unfortunately

    @centicon: Got a link so someone can take a look at your css?

    Do you have the alignment set to right in the MenuCart settings? The above css will only work when the alignment is to the right – off the top of my head from memory you could also change it to:

    .wcmenucart-display-left {
    float: right!important;

    if you had left alignment selected, but easier just to select right alignment in the settings.

    Hope that solves it for you… James 🙂

    Hi James – yes I have Right Alignment set in the MenuCart Settings: Tried everything I can think of

    Links to my CSS – using Canvas theme which appears to be overwriting the css

    Works beautifully on

    The plugin author has fixed it and the Right Alignment is working now – turns out that the Canvas theme needs a particular tweak – see this thread

    Plugin Author Jeremiah


    James, thanks for your help on this! I’m closing this as the suggested fix will be available in the next release.

    Plugin Author Jeremiah


    Hey James! Can you send a direct email to Ewout and I have something we need to send you.



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