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    I have rewritten the plugin and testing it now. Looks promising!

    I’m looking for ideas to add to future versions of this plugin. The coming version will have options like:

    – choice between ga.js and analytics.js
    – choice code placement header or footer
    – scroll tracking
    – event firing time setting
    – maximum tracking time setting

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  • I would like to see the ability to configure the plugin to work with Multiple Tracking Objects for the same page/site with the analytics.js code…

    I love the plugin! Thanks for continuing to update and support it! It ROCKS!

    Plugin Author Okoth1



    I’m afraid I’m going to disappoint you on this. Do I understand you right when I say that you want to add the second tracker through the plugin?

    If that’s the case then I’m not going to do that because I’d like to keep the Analytics tracking code and the plugin separate.

    I might want to think about an option on the settings page to add the tracking code manually or via the plugin. When that’s the case then I could include your request as well.

    Not a bad idea by the way.

    Plugin Author Okoth1


    Feature request for next release:

    The ability to disable plugin for admin.

    Why? I often spend a long time on my live site tweaking bits and bobs as a result I have disabled google analytics for me (admin), there is little point to load your JS file or plugin when it’s not needed.

    I know this only effects me, but why not make a brilliant plugin perfect with a little tweak?

    Other than this, really, FANTASTIC work!

    Thank you.

    Plugin Author Okoth1


    Thank you for the idea, Paul. You are right, I also don’t like unnecessary code on my websites.

    I’ll put an option on the settings page with the next update where you can choose to enable or disable the plugin for admins.

    You’re a legend! Thank you.

    One thing that will be useful is to have an option to count the events and the number of unique users that had events, but not affect the analytics bounce rate.

    This is a way to have both the traditional bounce and the adjusted bounce (although the adjusted has to be calculated off-line).

    Check the plug in Riveted – they have this option.

    Plugin Author Okoth1


    Thanks for the tip raz_roni. I am going to look into it, but not very soon, because I don’t have the time at the moment.

    Do you mean a comparison of data when you used the plugin and when you wouldn’t have used it?

    What I meant is that the plug in will count the events – i.e. how many different sessions had events and how long was each – like it does today.

    BUT, it will not affect the bounce rates calculation. To get the adjusted bounce rate we can do external calculation and deduct the number of sessions with events from the total number of sessions.

    That way we can keep the bounce rate info + calculate the adjusted bounce rate.

    Hope that makes sense.

    Plugin Author Okoth1


    Hi raz_roni,

    I must have some kind of a blackout because I still don’t get exactly what you mean.
    You said that Riveted has this option. Can you get me some screenshot? Maybe it will help me to understand what you mean. I also don’t want to add something to the plugin that no one uses.


    Please provide an option to disable the analytics script and use any previously loaded analytics script.I use Google Analytics for WordPress by Team Yoast to load the script, but I am not sure sure if your plugin will load the same script again.All I want is the script to load only once.BTW great plugin.

    Plugin Author Okoth1


    Hi Rajat, sorry for the late reply, but I hadn’t received a notification mail.

    My script doesn’t load the Analytics tracking code, so the only code you should have on your website is the one that Yoast put there through his plugin.

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