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    Hi, I updated to the latest version of BPCC (1.1) today and the functionality has degraded compared to previous versions.

    It seems the plugin does not get the compatibility information from the actual files on the disk of the machine running it, but instead tries to obtain the file from the servers.

    This creates two problems:
    1. The “Plugins” screen becomes very slow to load, to the point where I would consider removing BPCC (sites with a lot of plugins)
    2. Not all plugins are in the repository. For locally-installed plugins, even if they have the correct readme.txt file created, there is no information displayed.
    3. For plugins that have different versions (case in point: WPML which has a “free” unsupported version and a payed-for supported one), the infomration is misleading since it only queries the online repository ignoring the fact that the locally installed version is different.

    Suggested fix:
    – revert behaviour to only reading local readme.txt file
    – (more involved) combine information from local readme.txt files and repository data, preferring local data at all times.


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  • Plugin Author wpseek


    Hey mgc8,

    you’re right, I changed the method to the “combine information from local readme.txt files and repository data, preferring local data at all times” one. Version 1.1.1 was just rolling out.

    The reason why I was switching after all was that some plugin’s readme files are dumped to the latest WP version without rolling out a new version. As an example, some months back I updated Akismet when WP 3.1 was out so currently it shows 3.1 as the latest compatible version. On the repository’s readme.txt file it’s 3.1.3, they just dumped the readme file without updating the plugin to a new version (which is usual).

    Still need to come up with a solution for that. Akismet is compatible with 3.1.3, but since it’s got a local readme file available it sais it isn’t.


    Thanks for the quick reply, I updated to the new version on several WP installations and it is working nicely, much appreciated!

    Regarding the Akismet issue, indeed it displays 3.1 since that’s in the readme file, however I don’t think there is much you can do to fix it on the BPCC side; perhaps bringing this to the attention of the WP/Akismet developers could help?

    Another idea may be to add a third state, e.g. yellow/orange between “green” and “red” — which would mean “should work, but no guarantee”. You could assign that state when the version number has the same major.minor (so 3.1 in this case) but no point release, since normally point releases are for bugfixes and should not influence plugin compatibility (of course, they may, so that’s why it won’t be “green”).

    HTH and best regards,

    Plugin Author wpseek



    yeah, thought about that too, but I actually don’t want to bloat the whole plugin unneccessarily as I’d have to add some kind of captions to explain what each colour means, and that’d be too much for what the plugin actually needs to do IMO. 🙂

    I’ll keep an eye on that for other possibilities. Maybe that you can click on the version info to get it updated from the repository.

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